Three Tips to Keep Your Apartment Organized

If you choose to move into our luxurious apartment community, you will soon discover that you made an excellent and wise choice. However, if you are like many people, after awhile when you have settled in, you might find your apartment has become cluttered and disorganized. This can lead to problems such as being unable to find something or just frustration over the mess. Use these apartment organization tips to help:

  • If you are short on space in which to store some of your items, the best thing to do is take advantage of dead space. Dead space refers to areas in your apartment that are untouched, but there for the taking. These spots can be used to stack up your magazine collection, or you can place storage in boxes or crates underneath furniture.
  • Maximize storage spaces you have so that you can fit more in. Frequently with closets, new clothing stops fitting inside because there are too many hangers. Space storage bags are a great way to fit more items in the closet and remove out-of-season items.
  • Store items where you use them. This will help you to stay better organized.

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Multi-Purpose Furniture to Open Up More Space

Apartment life at Alden Park is great, and when you want to make the most of your space and use handy tricks for apartment organization and storage, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Storage in footstools – Those ottomans you have sitting out in the living room can be used for storage. Many footrests and similar pieces of furniture are now being made with hidden storage area inside and make a great place for magazines, books, or other things that can be kept out of the way.

Stacking storage areas– Bins, boxes, and crates can be used to store seldom used items and also serve as storage areas for other items. Stacking containers of decreasing size can create a tower of storage and also create instant shelves for easy access storage.

Expanding table tops– Current trends in furniture have made flexibility the norm and this can help save space. These tables can be set up as a small coffee table or fully expanded to create enough room for family dinner time. Expanding only when it is needed helps save a lot of room every other moment of the day!

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Striking Design Ideas to Give Your Apartment Bold Character

Alden Park has great apartment design that makes it easier than ever to fashion your own special space. If you are looking for some striking design ideas that can help your apartment space get a bold and exciting makeover, keep on reading.

  • Use full wall murals and frame collections. Putting up one large piece of art or an entire wall of art collections and framed photos can really add some spice and style to your apartment.
  • Use antiques or interesting items you already have. Create a focal point that can draw attention to a specific area or aspect of your apartment space. Old books, a musical instrument, or some other interesting piece of furniture can help bring new life to your apartment design.
  • Try homemade custom designs. Whether it is some shelves, a piece of wall art, or a custom made accessory, nothing can bring a space together like something you make yourself that is unique to your apartment.

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