Tips to Help You Go Green at Your Apartments

Reducing our carbon footprint is not only good for the planet, it can also be good for our wallets. Here are green living tips to protect the environment and to save money.

  • Replace your light bulbs with Light Emitting Diodes. These have come down in price dramatically and use even less electricity than compact fluorescent bulbs. The light they give off is soft and looks very natural.
  • Turn off items that are not in use. Even if your phone is fully charged it will drain electricity if it is plugged in. Same goes for laptops and other rechargeable items.
  • Consider getting a solar charger for your rechargeable gadgets. Let the sun charge your phone, not the power grid.
  • Consider using green energy. You can opt on your power bill to have the power company utilize green sources of energy for use in your home. This will cost a few dollars extra per month but will give power companies further incentive to invest in more clean power solutions.

To get more apartment living tips or to know more about living in our community, contact us today .

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How to Make Natural Dog Shampoo in Our Pet-Friendly Apartments

Owning a dog can get expensive when it comes to grooming. Fortunately, there are some simple recipes for natural homemade dog shampoo you can create at home. Here are three different ways you can create natural dog shampoo in your apartment at Woodlands West:

  • You can make natural homemade dog shampoo by mixing together two cups of dish soap, two cups of apple cider vinegar, four cups of water, and four ounces of vegetable glycerin. Make sure the dish soap has a seven to eight pH level and doesn’t have a strong scent. Shake it well before using it.
  • To make a conditioner, begin to boil four cups of water, and add in two teaspoons of rosemary. Once it boils, take it off the stove and let it sit for 10 minutes. Once it’s cooled, strain out the rosemary and put the liquid in a bottle for easy use.
  • To create a dry shampoo, sprinkle half a cup of baking soda on your dog’s coat, rub it in, then brush his fur. Avoid putting it on or near his face.

If you would like to receive more information regarding our pet-friendly apartments, please contact us today.

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Create a Perfect Dining Space in Your Apartment With These 5 Tips

An inviting dining space is ideal for entertaining and for eating on your own in comfort. Check out these five tips for creating your perfect dining space.

If you want to utilize your space to squeeze in more people use a round dining room table instead of a square shaped one so diners can get a bit of extra elbow room. However, if you’re looking to create a more spacious area then go for a rectangular table instead.

Open up your the feeling of your dining space by hanging mirrors and artwork on the wall. Use artwork you already love or go for a theme like photographs of gourmet food and wine.

Use classy candelabras on the dining table to set a sensual mood. The right lighting can elevate your sensory experience and even bring out more flavor in the food.

Create an interesting visual component with color and layers. Drape different sized table cloths over the table then use placemats on top of them. Warm colors like reds and yellows rev up the appetite while cool colors like blues and greens create a sense of calm.

Contact us today and learn about the available apartment living in Charlotte.

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Best Foods to Pair With Wheat Beers


It’s time to get out the recipes that pair great with good beer. Who doesn’t love a good, frosty wheat beer on? Everyone should gather round the spigot and have their fill. But when you are looking for the best foods to pair with your wheat beers, you have got plenty from which to choose.

Here are three dishes that make for a good pairing with your Wheat brew of choice:

Lobster & Avocado Salad: Who doesn’t like a good lobster? Pair the lobster and avocado salad with your favorite Hefenweizen, which makes your flavors have punch. The great lobster flavors and avocado creaminess really make your wheat beers sing with harmony.

Smashed Beets with Goat Cheese: If this sounds like an odd paring, you really should give it a try. Hefenweizen pairs off well with goat cheese and the herbs in the salad make the notes in the beer great.

Lemon Risotto: A third dish to go for beer and food pairings is lemon risotto. The great flavors here are made that much finer with the lemon wedges goodness.

All three of these dishes are great beer and food pairings for your Hefenweizen wheat beers. Try them out on the grill or in the kitchen of your apartment and let us know which one is best!

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Three Ideas for Designing a Beautiful Apartment


With space and elegant design, you can create a beautiful look in a Berkshire Place home. It is fun, lets you use your creativity, and easier than you think. For savvy apartment design, a few of these ideas can inspire and give you some guidance on the materials and arrangement of furniture so that you will have a stylish place in no time:

  • A good way to make your apartment visually appealing and practical is with built-in storage. You can place books, candles, and other household items on and in it. It helps to organize a room while adding to the decor.
  • Incorporate the outside into a room. This can be done with windows or a patio. However, it can also be done with beautiful, lively house plants. Pick out ones you like and arrange them around a room.
  • One of the best ways to beautify a room is with artwork. There are so many options to choose from, depending on your tastes. See what speaks to you and decorate your walls with captivating images.

These tips will help make your apartment attractive and inviting. See what works in your home.

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Great Tips for You Spring Fitness

running-573762_640 (1)

Living at Berkshire Place enables you to stay in good shape all year round. With a state of the art fitness center on site, you can get in workouts when it works for you. It is practical, convenient, and promotes good health. To keep up exercise, some fitness tips can help improve your routine, whether in the gym or outside.

Find something to be motivated about. It will help you stick to regular exercise, and you can achieve some goals.

Make a workout fun. Watch television or listen to music as you lift weights or go on the treadmill. It will make time go by and exercise less mundane.

Find ways to integrate exercise in your life. If you are meeting with friends, going for errands, try walking or riding a bike.

These tips will help you continue working out whether in the fitness center or around the neighborhood.

For more information on us, contact us online. You can visit our Facebook page as well.

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Simple Enhancements for a Stylish Bathroom


At Berkshire Place, you have the space to decorate your apartment to fit your tastes. Good style can be extended for every area in your place. There are plenty of bathroom decor ideas you can use in your home. They are easy, affordable, and can improve the look and function of the area.

A smart idea to have in the bathroom is drawer organizers. You can separate makeup and toiletries, sorting them how you’d like. It is convenient and removes clutter.

Use something from the kitchen for the bathroom. Take a decorative bowl and store cotton balls and q-tips. It adds charm to the space and is a good container.

Often our personal care products get crowded in a bathroom, creating a mess. Keep them neat by placing them together on something like a serving piece.

These ideas will improve the decor of the bathroom while adding style. A little creativity can go far when there is limited room. Make use of decorative containers and see what works to keep your toiletries neat.

For more information, contact us online. You can visit us on Facebook as well.

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