Apartment Living: Avoid Dusting in Your Apartment With These 3 Tips

Dust is a tough adversary to beat. Even in the cleanest apartment, it seems that no matter how much you do to keep dust out, it just keeps coming back. For many residents who suffer from dust allergies, the dry winter months ahead can be a real challenge.

Here at The Eastside Flats, we want to do all we can to help, so check out these three apartment living tips to keep your luxury apartment dust-free.

  1. Keep it outside. You know what’s easier that getting dust out of your apartment? Not letting it in! Put a doormat outside your front door, and wipe your shoes before you come inside. Better still, take your shoes off at the door to avoid bringing dust inside.
  2. Eliminate clutter. The fewer knick-knacks you have taking up space, the fewer surfaces you have to dust, and the easier cleaning gets.
  3. Reduce Moisture. Dust is attracted to a moist surface, so always run an exhaust fan while cooking or showering, and consider using a dehumidifier to keep moisture levels in your apartment at an ideal level.

For more apartment living tips, and to learn more about our community at The Eastside Flats, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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Give Your Apartment a Makeover With These 5 Ideas

While you love your home, one day you look around and realize things are beginning to look a bit drab. Everything is still in great shape but your home decor just needs to be jazzed up a bit. Check out these easy decorating ideas to give your home that little “something extra” boost.

  • No matter if your flooring is wood, tile or carpeting, adding a rug with a bold geometric pattern or fabulous texture can give a room new life.
  • Many people don’t think about changing out their lampshades but this one simple idea can bring an entirely different visual focal point to a room.
  • You certainly don’t want and probably can’t afford to ditch that perfectly good living room couch and love seat but you can afford to add new accent pillows and casual throws. Or pair that neutral club chair with a brand new patterned ottoman.
  • Often just rearranging a room will give it an entire new look without having to spend a dime. Plus this is also a great time to deep clean the entire space.

Searching for the best apartments for rent? Please contact us today for leasing information.

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How to Organize an Apartment Space for Comfortable Living

Whether you live in a mansion or studio apartment, everyone is confined by a limited amount of space, leaving home owners and apartment residents to decide how to properly use that area. This is why forming an organization system is all the more important.

The key to organizing an apartment space is to break down the task into small, manageable steps:

First, take an inventory of all your belongings and try to determine whether or not you need them. This is by far the most labor-intensive step and often discourages people from defeating their clutter. Getting rid of unneeded items, though, will make your living space more efficient.

Once you have removed unnecessary items from your environment, the next step in organizing an apartment space is to compartmentalize what you’re left with into easy-to-find and easy-to-store groups. It doesn’t really matter what categories you choose, but dividing your space, furniture and other belongings into functional groups will help you know where everything is, reduce your stress levels and help you live more comfortably.

Dividing your apartment into areas that are specifically designated for different tasks will allow you to focus on each task individually, and after just a few months of your new way of living, you’ll find that your friends will ask you to help organize an apartment space for them, too.

For more organizing tips or general apartment living information, follow our blog.

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Free Weight Tips for Beginners

The convenience of living at at Eastside Flats can be seen at the fitness center, where you can enjoy a workout in a beautiful facility while getting into shape and watching TV. Though, when you’re using our free weights to help build strength and muscle endurance, try some of these tips so you can sculpt like a pro:

  • Combine your lifts. If you’re working on bicep curls, throw in some squats at the same time for an all-over body workout.
  • Time your breath with your efforts. Exhale when your muscle is exerting, and inhale when you release.
  • Avoid swinging your arms. Momentum can cause injury and an ineffective workout. Make your movements slow and deliberate.
  • Suck in your belly. Tensing your abs and core not only increases your core strength, but protects your back like a natural weight belt.

Give these tips a try the next time you’re working out with free weights and note how fast you can make an impact on your fitness level.

If you have any questions about our Malvern apartments with a fitness center, please take a moment to contact us.

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How to Conserve Energy In Your Apartment

No matter where you live–in a house or one of our apartments– conservation and going green are always important. One of the easiest things to be mindful of is energy conservation. Here are a few ways to conserve energy in your apartment, which can make a difference for your whole life.

Bulbs: You’ve no doubt heard the wonder that Energy Efficient Fluorescent Bulbs have become and it’s all true. If you swap out the older lamps for newer CFL bulbs, you can not only save money, but also curb energy usage. And, they last an average of 10 times longer than traditional bulbs!

Weatherize: The building does the best it can but the natural evolution of wear and the fact that other people may have done things different from you means that there are going to be spots that “leak” air. Caulk or weather stripping can plug these up and save you lots in energy expense!

Body: Make your body energy efficient by walking or biking. Use mass transit or car pool, and when you have to, double up on trips out. The grocery store, shoe shopping, and anniversary gifts can all be one trip from the house.

There are so many ways to conserve energy, if you know where to look.

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Key Nutrients That Should Be Every Cat’s Diet

cat-201855_640 (1)

For those of us living in pet-friendly apartments who are new to cat ownership you might not be sure of even the most basic of things, such as what kind of food you should feed your cat. You have to realize that your cat might not like one food or another.

Whether you’re cat is a picky eater or not, follow this guide to make sure some of the key nutrients are present in your cat’s diet.

Glucose: As human being we think of things like carbohydrates as essential to our creating and storing energy, but for cats, it’s a little different. They process glucose from proteins, as they are primarily carnivores that eat 2-3x the protein that humans do. Also, cats use fats like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to create energy.

Vitamins: There are a whole host of vitamins which cats need to stay healthy. Vitamins like A, B, D, E, and K as well as calcium and phosphorus will make your cats health shine. You can find a lot of these vitamins in your cats food; it’s just important to read the labels so there is no confusion on what you are putting into your cats body.

Happy eating, felines!

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3 Tips to Rev Up That Cardio


Living at Eastside Flats allows you an active lifestyle. You can reside in an apartment with a fitness center where you can do workouts when it is convenient for you. You can fit exercise around your schedule. To get the most out of the time you spend there, a few tips to rev up cardio can help.

After doing some running, take some time in your apartment to do 10 push-ups, 10 squats, and 10 lying leg raises or sit-ups. It strengthens muscles while boosting your metabolic rate.

If you are doing spinning, add 1-2 minute standing intervals. It is good at targeting muscles and helps you get the most out of your exercise.

A great way to work muscles during running is to sprint up a hill. Run up as fast as you can 5-6 times. It works the leg muscles.

These moves will help make the most out of your workouts. It works all your muscles, improving strength and agility. Cardio gets the blood pumping and your body moving, so try out these tips for thorough exercise.

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How to Keep Your Home Tidy With Kids


Kids are known to wreak havoc on tidiness. We want to help households with young residents to operate more harmoniously. Below, we offer some apartment living tips on keeping messiness at bay even in the presence of rambunctious youngsters.

  • Get rid of what you don’t need- Minimizing the amount of possessions you keep in your apartment can help to optimize space and get rid of clutter. Kids tend to accumulate stuff. If you get rid of excess items when possible, you can keep everything under control.
  • Stay off of the computer- An increased occurrence of messiness in homes where residents spend a lot of time watching television and using the computer is a fairly prominent trend. Stay off of the computer and stay active. You’ll notice surprising organization benefits around the home.
  • Schedule big cleanups on a regular basis- Once in a while, things are bound to get messy with kids. This is especially true after a big project. However, schedule a big cleanup day to make up for messy binges.

We regularly post useful tips on apartment living on our community blog. We also offer apartment living tips on our Facebook page.

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Here’s Why it’s Important to Play with Your Cat


Having a cat at home can make your apartment a whole lot more fun, and a furry friend can really relieve a lot of stress. Cats also make great cuddle buddies – often when you just want to get some rest! However, there’s more to being a responsible cat owner than just giving them food, water and a little bit of affection. Contrary to common belief, your cat really does want to play with you. Keep reading to learn more about why it’s so important to play with your cat in a friendly and engaging manner.

  • Exercise is essential for all humans and animals. Sure, cats are pretty sedentary most of the time, but that doesn’t mean exercise isn’t good for them. It helps control weight and their overall health.
  • Play reminds your cat about their predatory instincts, which helps to keep them sharp and focused. Think of it like a job for you. Without anything to occupy your brain or anything to accomplish you’d get bored too!
  • Your cat won’t be bored. If you work all day, come home and don’t play, your cat will get listless.

Contact us to learn more about our cat friendly apartments!

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3 Things That Will Make Your Weekend Better


When it comes to the weekend most of us have a routine that we like to follow. This may vary, but we normally follow some basic habits. Generally this is true whether we like to get out and go or of the more leisurely paced disposition.

  • While our usual routines may be things that we enjoy, thefirst step for really enjoying the weekend is to add (or swap) something that you would usually do. You may be surprised how a slight adjustment can enhance your quality time whether with friends or family, even if it is merely a change of favorite picnic spot, sport game or food chain.
  • During the week try to jot down realistic things that you can do around the house or garden that need doing. The sense of satisfaction you will get is priceless.
  • Most of all make time for you. Foremost in any weekend plans is to do what helps you relax.

For more apartment living tips, check us out on Facebook.

Contact us for more information about our available floor plans at our apartment community.

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