Cats & Their Litter Pans

All cat lovers know how odiferous cat urine can be. So when your cat stops using the litter pan, life can very quickly become unpleasant. Not sure what’s causing the problem? Keep reading! Continue reading

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Create a Kitchen That Reflects Your Personality

If you are just starting out in life in your own place, setting up a cozy kitchen is vital to happy cooking. Try these decorating tips to make the most out of your kitchen.

  • Shelves – Instead of adding closed shelving, try for a metro shelving unit or other open design shelves. The design will help the kitchen feel larger and make everything easily seen. You can add small decorative touches, such as a flower vase or small lamp, to make it feel more at ease.
  • Appliances – If your kitchen feels cramped the problem may be too many or large appliances. Size down your appliances and in numbers to add a bit of space. Store appliances you don’t use often in a cabinet.
  • Colors – Balance the color scheme and materials of your kitchen for a more put together and less chaotic look. Use soft colors to add give your kitchen an easy feeling. Try to match your appliances by color and materials to help pull the look together.

An easy kitchen promotes happy cooking. If you’re looking for apartments in the area, contact us today!

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These Dog Toys are Popular for a Very Good Reason

Sharing your apartment with a dog makes your life a lot more fun. If you want to make sure that both you and your dog stay happy, providing your pooch with toys to alleviate boredom when you’re not home is the way to go.

    • Okra Chew toys are popular dog toys that will keep your dog occupied when you’re not home. The unique design provides different chewing angles so your dog doesn’t get bored.
    • Another popular choice with Billerica dog owners is the sturdy Kong toy. Available in several sizes, this toy is almost indestructible and easy to stuff with treats or other food.
    • The Talking Babble Ball uses sounds and talk to help keep your dog’s attention. If your dog doesn’t tend to chew very heavily, a toy of this type might be a good solution.
    • An Everlasting Fun Ball allows you to fill it with treats. It is soft, which makes it less noisy than some other treat balls and keeps your neighbors happy.
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Dress Up Your Bedroom

It’s always fun to stay in a nice hotel. From the soft sheets to the plush pillows, you can bring that feeling home with you by doing the following to your Celebration apartments.

  • First, get some art. You want to use the artwork as an anchor for your decor so be sure to choose pieces that will create the overall aesthetic you desire.
  • Next, get a visually appealing headboard. Oversized headboards with colorful, plush coverings, soften the room’s appearance.
  • When it comes to bedding, invest in the best. Soft sheets and fluffy comforters will keep you comfortable and cozy at night. It’s also a wise idea to invest in plenty of soft pillows that you can drift off to dream upon.
  • Finally, bring layered lighting into the equation. A side table with a lamp, a couple of candle holders, and carefully selected light bulbs can help create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere for any occasion.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our apartments and the comfortable bedrooms each features. We’ll be happy to give you the details and schedule a time for you to stop by and take a look around our community.

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5 Ways to Healthy Apartment Living

Are you being a little lazy, maybe dreading on doing some apartment cleaning at your apartment?

We are here to motivate you into action and make apartment cleaning quick, easy, and fun. Plus, you don’t want to know what kind of germs can settle into your abode without regular up keeping of your home.

Start by getting organized with an everyday routine as simple as making your bed, fluffing pillows, or even wiping down counters in both your kitchen and bathroom as you use them from day to day.

Then really get into the cleaning by following a few tips listed below to keep some serious germs out of your Main Street Village apartment in Irvine because not only is it neat, but your health depends on it.

  1. Clean your refrigerator from top to bottom. Including dusting the top, vacuuming the bottom grill, and disinfecting handles and doors.
  2. Vacuuming is necessary, but no more than once a week. In this case more is not better. Too much vacuuming can actually stir up dust mites.
  3. Of course you know to clean your bathrooms, but don’t forget to wipe door knobs and light switches too.
  4. Pet Lovers do you own a cat? Keep them away from your food preparations and kitchen counters to avoid contamination of your delicious meals. Lay foil or bowls of pepper to train them to stay off.
  5. Home offices have been known to harbor more germs than public restrooms, so make sure to safely disinfect your office area in your apartment too. Safely do this by diluting vinegar with water and wiping over all offices supplies.
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Tips for a Healthy Indoor Pet

Here are a few helpful tips from Pet Place to promote health for your furry companion.

Exercise Indoor pets crave it and need it! Exercise releases a neurotransmitter called serotonin. High serotonin levels promote pleasure and enjoyment in animals. So, to keep your pet happy, make sure he or she is getting the physical exercise needed to produce serotonin. Exercise is also good for developing muscles, maintaining flexibility and healthy circulation.

How can you promote exercise when you’re away at work? Invest in a few motion-activated or battery activated pet toys.  For cats, it can be as simple as a ball suspended by string near a walk way. Dogs might enjoy an electronic critter.

Scratch Boards and Chew Toys No matter how we dress and potty train them, animals are animals. Biting and scratching are innate desires. Allow your pet to release his or her natural energy by supplying scratch posts and chew toys. Your shoes, carpet and furniture will thank you.

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Timeless Headboard Decals

Looking to add a bit of pizazz to your home without investing in a major overhaul? These creative headboards add a different dimension to your room and they are as easy as peel and stick.

Headboard decals are like artwork for your home. The style of your decal determines its longevity as an art piece; if it’s not trendy, it’s timeless.

The organic lines and motifs of this decal speak refinement across the ages. It adds an elegant touch to any room without the need for expensive antiques.

Inspired by the flowers of India, the headboard on the right adds a classy yet whimsical touch to your bedroom. It comes in chocolate brown, which works great on a neutral palette.

If you’re looking for home décor options in the Irvine area there are many stores to choose from. Your home can receive a summer makeover in no time.

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Moving Techniques

So the time has come for the big move! Now you have to prepare yourself for all of the packing and moving of your belongings. Many of us prepare for the move a few weeks ahead of time and some of us wait until a few days ahead to prepare to move. To skip all of the procrastinating and confusion, check out these packing tips to keep in mind before you begin to move.

Before you even begin to pack, make sure you know exactly what day or days you plan on moving. Most people like to move on the weekends because that when you usually have more time available. Next make sure you have the needed moving transportation reserved for a day or two so you can everything moved in the needed time. Now you must make sure you have packing supplies. These supplies should include cardboard boxes, old newspaper, scotch tape, bubble wrap, and maybe a staple gun.

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3 Ways for Apartment Dwellers to Go Green

Do you need some tips for going green, both for the environment and to help reduce your energy bills? Consider these 3 easy tips for going green in your apartment today.

1. Try to buy items with less wasteful packaging. Many common household items come with a lot of wasteful packaging that is often thrown out. Try to recycle what you can, or re-purpose large cardboard boxes as storage or other household uses.

2. Re-use paper and plastic shopping bags. Use plastic shopping bags for trash and use paper bags for paper recycling. Paper bags can also be reused to cover textbooks to avoid damage.

3. Replace your old light bulbs with newer, energy efficient model. The newer bulbs provide the same level of light, and last far longer than the older metal-filament bulbs. They use less energy and are quite cost effective in the long term. Learn more about energy efficient bulbs at the Energy Star website.

Follow these 3 easy tips for going green and you are well on your way to lower energy bills and a healthier planet!

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4 Storage Ideas for Your Apartment

Keep your spacious apartment looking neat by finding unique ways to store the excess stuff in it. Having a clutter-free apartment is key to keeping your home looking new and fresh. Here are four apartment storage ideas for you to try:

  • A cabinet with drawers is a versatile piece that is a storage asset. You can put one in the entryway of your apartment, use it as a buffet in your dining room or put it in one of your bedrooms or bathrooms. Depending on which room you choose, you can use your cabinet for storing everything from extra towels to dinnerware and important paperwork to books.
  • Place a free-standing shelving unit with cube-shaped cubbies in your main living area. It’ll offer you a multitude of storage options. You can also double your storage by placing decorative baskets and boxes in the cubbies.
  • Put an over-the-door rack with hooks on the inside of your closet door. You can hang your purses, belts, scarves and necklaces from it.
  • Tables with open bases offer a lot of storage potential. You can slide a footstool and baskets under it. You could also put your table against a wall in your entryway, and store a tall tin with umbrellas and rain boots under it.

Please contact us to tell us how these apartment storage ideas helped you to whip your apartment into shape. We appreciate it when our apartment community shares their storage success stories and ideas with us.

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