4 Simple Ways to Liven Up an Entryway

You apartment entryway is the first opportunity you have to make an initial impression upon your guests.  This is why it makes sense that you would want to take time decorating an apartment entryway that will add pizazz and not appear uninviting.

One way to liven up your entryway is to add more light and depth to it by hanging a collection of decorative mirrors or even a few pieces of nice artwork. Truly decorating your entryway should be an enjoyable weekend activity for you and your family members to tackle together. So, feel free to hang artwork from the kids, or have them help you tidy up as you hang the mirrors.

If you are considering decorating an entryway as part of a fall or holiday project, then take a look at adding a few colorful ribbons or a wreath to the front door. This added bit of holiday flair will give your entryway more seasonal pop.

The light fixture can also be used to decorate an entryway.  Consider hanging colorful sequined and cranberry garlands from the light fixture, but make certain they are not coming into contact with the light.

If your apartment is lacking life and color, use a few of these tips to brighten the entryway in your home.

How-to make your apartment feel like Home

Sometimes living in an apartment can feel like a temporary situation.  Whether in it for the long hall or are in transition, just because you live in a rental doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own.  Here are few ways to make your apartment feel like home.

  • Change window treatments —  Many apartments come with standard mini blinds to cover the windows.  Shades, curtains, or drapes can all be removed upon the end of a lease. Updating the window treatments can drastically change the look of any room and make your apartment  feel more cozy.
  • Replace light fixtures —  In some cases, the light fixtures in rental properties tend to be outdated.  Take a trip to your local hardware store and update the light fixtures throughout your apartment.  Be sure to replace the old light fixtures upon your departure from your rental.
  • Artwork —  Make your space your own with some of your favorite artwork.  Whether it is by your favorite artist or your own masterpiece, artwork is a a great way to make and apartment feel like home.

The Guide to Maximizing Your Apartment Space

Organizing your apartment space can be quite demanding task, especially if it’s small. However, there are a few things that you can do. If you wish to discover how to maximize space, you should read the following designer and organizer tips.

For starters, you should place your furniture in the center of the room. By simply creating space between furniture and walls, you can add more volume to a small room. Additionally, you can buy furniture that does double duty. These furniture pieces can help you organize your apartment adequately.

Another thing that you can do to organize your apartment space is to determine what needs to be accessible. There are many items that you don’t need daily. By storing these items in other places, such as on top of the closets and under the bed, you can use your apartment space more efficiently.

You should also develop an organization routine. This means that you have to take the time to put things where they belong on a regular basis. This helps you avoid letting things stack up.

Try these Over the Counter Green Cleaning Products

While green living has always seemed like something of an ideal more than a practical application, it’s now stepping into the fore that “green living” is not only a possibility but it’s something that more and more of us are able to not just aspire to, but embrace wholeheartedly.

When you’re looking for a place to start, try these green cleaning products for absolute and true green living at your apartment!

Simple Green Pro 5 Surface Cleaner: One of the biggest hurdles to embracing the green living and green cleaning ethos has always been that the products are either too expensive to purchase or too specific for everyday use. Simple Green Pro 5 answers both those problems. Used as a cleaner, sanitizer, fungicide, and so much more, Simple Green steals the show at a price you’ll be pleased with.

Skilcraft 7930 Power Green Cleaner: This product comes in a 5 gallon drum for your bigger green cleaning jobs. You can find this product online or over the counter in Miami.

Green Cleaning Duster: Is your apartment dusty? If so, then employ Green Cleaning Duster and polishers to spruce of a dusty. This produce is made of microfiber which attracts dirt and dust like a sponge.

All three of these green solutions makes your cleaning a snap! Now take your green living up to that next level!

Lower Laundry Costs and Slash Your Carbon Footprint with these Pointers

You may be surprised to learn how big your carbon footprint can be just from doing a load of laundry every two days — 440kg of CO2 each year. Learning a few ways to shrink your carbon footprint and other laundering techniques can save you big money over time. Here are three ways to save on laundry costs in your apartment:

  • Wash your clothes in cold water — Unless you’re washing whites, all other loads can be washed on the cold water setting.  Approximately eighty five percent of energy used when washing clothes goes towards heating the water.
  • Full loads — Wait until you have full loads before you wash.  Although smaller loads use the less water, the same amount of energy is used to do each load.
  • Hang dry — Use a clothes rack or clothes line to dry your clothing instead of a conventional dryer.  In the summer, the evaporation from your wet clothes will cool your home if you choose to dry them on a clothes rack indoors.

Healthy Treats: Oatmeal Muffin Recipes

Oatmeal muffins may not be the first thing you think of when thinking about baked goods. However, not every meal can be a piece of pie – even if you want it to be. That’s why a healthy oatmeal muffin can be a great alternative to the usual sugar-filled snacks and treats you’ll be eating during the season. Use this guide to find a new recipe to share with friends, family and yourself this year.

  • Prepare brown sugar oat muffins for a sweet treat that’s a little bit healthier than that slice of pecan or pumpkin pie. They’re tasty enough that you might have to make two batches.
  • Make hearty blueberry oatmeal muffins for the whole family.
  • Try your hand at making these incredibly healthy applesauce oatmeal muffins. They don’t contain all the sugar that a lot of recipes call for and the applesauce works to keep the muffins moist and delicious for days. They’re perfect to make ahead of time.

Contact us for more recipes.

Why You Should Consider Decorating Your Apartment with Hanging String Lights

decorating your apartment with hanging string lights

Source: Houzz

Decorating your apartment is key to adding your personal flare to your space. If you’re looking for new and interesting ways to spruce up your home, consider decorating your apartment with hanging string lights.

  • Boring Corners – Every home has at least one corner that gets forgotten. Add a floor to ceiling set of string lights to brighten up this corner. You can place a few pieces of art on either side of the corner to accent the lights.
  • Enhancing Bedroom Lighting – If you’re tired of the bedside lamp try a string of white lights. It’ll save some space on your side table and make a great reading light and could be used as extra mood lighting for a relaxing evening in.
  • Brighten Mirrors – Full length mirrors come in handy for dressing and accessorizing. By adding a string of lights along one side you can make mirrors look great and add a touch more lighting to help you pick out what you want to wear.

Decorating your apartment with hanging string lights is certainly a way to think and decorate outside the box and is a great way to showcase your personal style. If your looking for apartments in the area, contact us at today.

Tasty Healthy Comfort Food Recipes

Are you craving comfort food but want to keep the meal on the healthy side? Getting healthy comfort food at home doesn’t have to be hard. Try these tasty ideas that include lentils. The nutty, nutritious lentils can offer comforting and filling meals.

  • Spiced Lentils with Eggs. This recipe is simple and you can have it any time. A bonus is that you can make up the lentils mix ahead of time and freeze it.
  • Red Lentils Soup. This recipe is comforting, simple, and easy to throw together. When you need something warm and hearty but healthy, this is the perfect dish.
  • Spiced Lentil, Sweet Potato, and Kale Whole Wheat Pockets. When you are on the go or want a good healthy lunch this recipe will do the trick. Making these may be a bit involved but you can freeze them and take them to go.

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3 Tips Sound Proof Your Apartment

If you are concerned about the individuals that live around you in your apartment hearing everything that you say or being bothered by how loud you are, do some do-it-yourself sound-proofing around the house to help stop the sound from traveling.

Carpets, furniture, sound dampening wall material, and a variety of other things can be used to dampen the noise before it gets to your neighbors ears. Try moving your room around to avoid areas that are closest to the neighbors and having people sit the opposite direction so the sound will travel into the opposite wall.

Changing where your speakers sit or where your television is can help to eliminate or dampen the sounds they make as well. Here are a few more tips to get your home quieter.

Being courteous to those around you by sound proofing your home a little can be done for free. You just have to know how to control the sound and how to get it to stop traveling to where it is unwanted.

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5 Green Changes for Your Apartment

For all students and staff living in our apartments, the first thing you will need to declutter is paper.

You accumulate paper fast and a lot of it. Holding onto too much paper is a fire hazard. Since you usually get sent over 800 items of junk mail a year, start by going to The Direct Marketing Association Website.  For a minimal fee, your name and address will be removed from buyers mailing lists.  This will take away better of half of your junk mail during you first 90 days. One quarter of all landfill wastes comes from this industry each year.  That’s the equivalent of over nine million automobile gas pipes releasing gases into the air!

The other thing the residents our apartments may want to do to declutter is to stop any phone book deliveries.  Since you mostly use the internet today, using the tree for phone books are putting more unnecessary gasses into our air. Go to opt out of phone book delivery and contact your local publisher to stop your phone books. Or opt out directly by going to Yellow Pages Goes Green.

How do you get rid of the paper in your apartment?  Tell us about it.