Stay Productive This Summer With These 5 Tips

Relentless beams of sunlight beat your head, causing you to jump into a community center pool of clear cool waters. You stay in the moment all summer long but at some point this season, you might have to get things done. Tackle all your responsibilities with our 5 Summer Productivity Tips.

  1. It’s always fun to travel. Get around town by bicycle or your own two feet, and explore beautiful Fairfax!
  2. Get pumped up at a fitness center, or stay fit with Yoga and Pilates.
  3. Do-It-Yourself, or DIY, is a popular social movement that you can be a part of if you’re willing to teach yourself something new.
  4. Take time out of your summer schedule to volunteer. Everyone needs a helping hand; lend yours this summer.
  5. Read for the fun of it. Stay abreast of the latest fashions in The Fashion File by Janie Bryant, costume designer for Mad Men.

By using our summer productivity tips, you’ll have more time to enjoy lounging poolside than worrying about what you need to get done next. Share your favorite tips with us in the comment box below. Contact us for more information about keeping your apartment cool and utility bills low this summer.

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5 Design Ideas That Every Apartment Dweller Should Keep in Mind

Just because your renting your home doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. Here are five design ideas that every apartment dweller should keep in mind when decorating your home.

  • You Don’t Have to Paint: Just because you can’t paint your walls doesn’t mean you are out of options. Oversized art is a great way to cover up a plain beige wall.
  • You Can Add Color With Furniture: Instead of painting the walls, try adding a splash of color with furniture. A brightly colored couch can be the focal point for a living room.
  • Use Plants to Hide Things: If there’s an element in your apartment that you don’t like, use a cleverly placed plant to hide it.
  • You Don’t Have to Hate Your Floor: If your kitchen or bathroom floor is hateful, it doesn’t have to be the bane of your existence. A large area rug can easily cover up that eye sore.
  • Make Use of Window Treatments: You can add color and style to your home with the perfect window treatments.

Are you looking for a luxury apartment home in Fairfax? Contact us today for more information about the beautiful community and luxury apartment homes.

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5 Hosting Mistakes to Avoid When You Have Guests

Avoid making these hosting mistakes when you have guests over for your holiday party.

  • Never Expect Guests to Help Themselves to Food & Drink – Make sure everything is in plain sight because most people feel uncomfortable hunting around in your fridge or cupboards.
  • Plan Your Music – You do not have to have knowledge of the latest tunes, but do have something playing when guests arrive. The background noise provides comfort during introduction phases.
  • Guests Cannot Introduce Themselves – Where many people do not know each other, do not leave them to their own devices. Introduce people to each other instead of people wandering around on their own.
  • Do Not Do Everything On Your Own – Hosting is more than a one-person job no matter how prepared you think you are. Get family and friends to help by giving them tasks.
  • Not Everyone Needs to be Seated – Most people prefer to be on their feet during a party. Provide some chairs as conversation pieces.

Our apartments feature amenities like a 24-hour lock-out service, out-of-town services and package accepting. Visit our leasing office to schedule a tour or contact us for opulent apartment living options.

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Best Ab Exercises to Do with an Exercise Ball


We all want to look great, feel good and have a better self-perception of our body. Because if you work hard and eat right, then you though see the fruits of your labor.

Our fitness center is well equipped for individual success in all fitness arenas. If you’re looking at the fitness equipment and you just can’t get inspired, have you ever tried working out with an exercise ball? You may think that’s just all hot air, but actually working out on an exercise ball is pretty challenging. Here are three of the best ab workouts to do with an exercise ball.

Plank push-ups: With your hands on the ground and your feet on ball you do pushups. It’s a lot harder than it sounds and is a great workout for your abs, as well as your chest, deltoids and triceps.

Sit ups: Doing sit ups while sitting on the ball with your feet on the floor is also another excellent ab workout for your ball sessions.

Crunch curls: This third exercise is a monster. You lie flat with your arms spread apart and weights in your hands. Then you bring the weights together as you rise towards where your hands meet.

All three of these are excellent ab workouts for your exercise ball routine.

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Organize Your Apartment


If your apartment is looking a bit cluttered and disorganized, we have the apartment organization tips you need to make organization a priority.

  • Choose one room at a time, and get rid of anything you don’t use. Then, make sure that all of the remaining items have a place of their own. This might involve installing a new shelf or two, but it will be worth it in the end.
  • Keep items in the rooms in which you use them. Sink cleaner should be int the bathroom, for example, and your cosmetics should be in either the bathroom or the bedroom, depending on where you use them most.
  • Baskets are excellent for storing items that need to be easily accessible. They look attractive and cut down on clutter.

Is finding a new apartment on your to-do list? Contact us today to learn about our spacious and comfortable homes.

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4 Great Apartment Amenities at Lincoln at Tinner Hill


When it comes to apartment hunting. it’s all about the amenities.  Apartment living is only as good as its conveniences.  Don’t settle for anything less than luxury apartment amenities.  Here are four great apartment amenities at Lincoln at Tinner Hill.

  • Garden style bathtubs- Nothing seems more relaxing than soaking in a spacious tub after a long hard day.  Take full advantage of the garden style tubs.
  • Vaulted Ceilings- Creating a look of grandeur and the illusion of more space, vaulted ceilings are the perfect touch to any apartment.
  • Crown Molding- Not only does crown molding add dimension to any room, but also the feel and sense of home.
  • Washer and Dryer Hookups- Nothing is more convenient than being able to do your laundry in the comfort of your own home.  Ditch the laundromat for washer and dryer hookups at Waterford Place.

Enjoy these and many other luxury apartment amenities at our apartments.  Request more information about these luxury apartments here.

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Add Color to Your Apartment With These 4 Houseplants


Incorporating houseplants into your home decor is a very inexpensive and practical way to bring a touch of the outdoors inside. Many varieties are also great natural air purifiers. Plus, they are a fantastic way to add visual pops of color throughout your entire home.

  • When considering different apartment decorating ideas and searching for something to fill a corner, a flowering maple is one of the best choices. Flower colors include: red, orange, pink or yellow.
  • A peace lily is so easy to grow, you don’t need a green thumb to keep this one alive. Many plants bloom only during the summer though some varieties will flower year round if properly cared for.
  • Nothing smells better than a jasmine plant. Blossoms can either be pink or white and will bloom constantly if given lots of light and water.
  • Looking to add a touch of drama? Then check out the silver vase plant. A member of the pineapple family, this plant with its stiff green/gray leaves produces gorgeous oversized purple flowers. So easy to grow, just keep it watered and in front of a window.

Ready to call Lincoln at Tinner Hill home? Please check with our onsite leasing agents for availability.

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Fresh Update Ideas for Your Apartment’s Decor


Taking down the Christmas decorations can leave your space looking empty. If you are looking for some trending apartment decorating ideas then here are some ideas to brighten it up.

  • First of all, you can consider hanging a banner. They’re easy to make (or cheap to buy) and very easy to switch out when you get bored with them. Choose a funny phrase, and have several around.
  • Or, you could hang some Chinese style paper lanterns, but not in huge clusters – those are very 2013. Instead choose patterned ones, of various shapes, and hang one or two.
  • And if you like twinkly lights, why not keep them? Keep it simple, and keep the string as out of sight as you can, and consider colors other than the classic red and green so strongly associated with the holidays.

Contact us at the Lincoln at Tinner Hill for more apartment decorating tips, or to get information about our apartment complexes.

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Making a Long Distance Move to Falls Church? Keep Your Stress Down With These 4 Tips


Moving is a complicated and time-consuming process, meaning that stress management is important.

Use these tips to keep your stress down when moving:

  • The fewer possessions that you have to move, the easier it will be. As a result, take the time to toss out stuff that you either no longer need or can replace with ease once you have finished moving.
  • Proper packaging will increase the chances that your more fragile possessions will come out of the move in one piece. For example, make sure to wrap them up for a cushioning effect. Likewise, fill the boxes up to minimize jostling.
  • Make sure to research each of the moving companies that you are considering. Check their reviews for complaints from past customers and pay close attention to how those moving companies respond.
  • Even if you have taken all of the proper precautions, be prepared just in case. Bring enough of your possessions with you in your luggage to make sure that you can last at least a week in case your moving company is delayed on the road.

If you are interested in putting these apartment moving tips to use, please do not hesitate to contact us at The Lincoln at Tinner Hill.

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Organize Your Closet with the 2-Second Shirt Fold Method

Doing laundry may not be one of your favorite things.  If only someone could figure out a way to combine the washer and dryer into one easy cycle.  Until someone solves that problem, there are some shortcuts you can take to make laundry time a lot quicker.  One method is to not wash your clothes at all.  The other, and much less barbaric, is the 2-second shirt fold.  Maybe you’ve seen this video on the internet, but please take a look and see how you can become the shirt-folding-master in no time!

Did you catch that?  It’s a very easy method once you get the hang of it.  Go grab a shirt and try!  It works great for t-shirts, tank tops, dress shirts, and even blouses!

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