We offers spacious apartments, which are perfect for any resident who wishes to create their own home office. It is important to know which mistakes to avoid when setting up your home office, so you can be always be productive.

  • Leaving It Dull: You do not have to create a dull atmosphere to avoid distractions.┬áMotivational prints, personal decor and a rug or curtains will create an inviting space.
  • Leaving Wires Undressed: Tangled wired and cords are stressful. Keep your wires and cables hidden to create an organized area.
  • Putting Style Over Comfort: You may want a stylish desk and chair, but you need to make sure they are comfortable and right for you.
  • Ignoring The Lighting: Use a desk lamp or extra overhead lamp to create enough light for your eyes. You should also make sure the monitor is turned away from the window to avoid a glare.