3 Easy Tips for Creating More Visual Space in Your One Bedroom

If there is one room in your apartment that you want to reflect your personality, it would be your bedroom. You want to be able to make the most of the space and give it a more open look. In order to accomplish this, there are a few tips you can take advantage of.

Try these 3 easy tips for creating a more visual space in your one bedroom.

  • Get some furniture that have a curves. Things like round end tables and a rounded bed will make the space look larger as these items can fit in any space. It also makes the room more visually appealing. The boxed walls against the round furniture really help to make the room pop.
  • Curtains are a great way to add both color and elegance to your apartment. When hanging them in your room, choose light colored ones and don’t hang curtains measured to your window. Be sure to place them higher than your window and let them flow much past. It will give the illusion of a larger window and it is very appealing to look at.
  • If you love pillows but limit yourself because you don’t want to make your bed look cluttered, good news! Layering pillows and blankets on your bed can make the room seem airier. Choose light fabrics in pastel colors and layer them in sizes. It will add to the room and make the room seem larger and more elegant.

You can really make your bedroom more unique with a few decorating tricks that will open up the space. When decorating your Houston apartments, be sure to utilize these tips in your bedroom. You can get more information on decorating by getting in touch with us today.

3 Ideas for Making a Creative Home

If you feel stifled in your home, you may need to take a step back and do some slight re-arranging with your apartment design in order to feel inspired again. Nobody should feel like they can’t be creative in their own space.

Here are three ideas for making a more creative home:

  • If you are looking for inspiration, head outdoors. Nature is a great way to clear your mind and fill it with simple, down-to-earth ideas you can incorporate in your apartment.
  • Although routine can be a good thing, you want to avoid going stagnant. You should change things up, especially at home. Move things around. Move art between rooms or rearrange the furniture.
  • When you need to be motivated, having visual inspiration is a great way to achieve this. Find quotes you want to live by and find pictures that match your wants and then post them on walls where you can see them daily.

You can get your creative juices flowing in a variety of ways. Try these ideas to bring more variety into your apartment design and be inspired. Contact us for more decorating tips and ideas.

Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Keeping your kitchen cabinets organized can be a daunting task. But it is possible. Here’s how to organize kitchen cabinets in three easy steps.

  • Take Everything Out: Remove everything from your cabinets and put it on the counter or your kitchen table. This will allow you to see exactly what you have. It will also be a good time to purge anything you haven’t used since you purchased it. You should also throw out anything that is past its expiration date.
  • First In First Out: Also known as FIFO, first in first out means newer items go in the back of your cabinets and older items go in the front. This way the older items are used up before they expire.
  • Organize Your Way: Ultimately, when you organize your kitchen, you need to organize it with your family in mind. Try different ways of organizing the cabinets until you find what works for you and the family.

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