5 Creative Color Combinations That Will Make Your Apartment Pop

Some apartment decorating ideas that make you feel great about your space. Here are five color combinations that will make your apartment pop in the best way.

Fire engine red and dusky green

These two colors are on the opposite sides of the color wheel to produce an exciting combination. The red is more of an accent color in this combo.

Rose and teal 

This is a play on pink and green, itself a play on red and green. Since the rose is more like a dusty pink, it reads sophisticated. Try a teal accent against a rose wall.

Black and bright pink

The pink counters the drab of black, while black pushes pink into the foreground so even a bright pink works with black. They also work well with your apartment stainless steel appliances.

Raspberry and sky blue

Unlike the other combinations both of these colors pop so use them with a muted color like white.

Teal and lavender

This color combo works because the lavender is the star. If you set a light lavender against an even lighter shade of lavender, the colors add depth and highlight the teal.

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How to Save a Dying House Plant in Your Knoxville Apartment

House plants are fairly easy to keep alive, but sometimes they begin to wither. If the house plant at your apartment begins to die don’t throw it away. Instead try one of these ways to save it.

  • According to Out Front, one way on how to save a dying house plant is by putting it in direct sunlight. Lamps and sunny areas of the apartment won’t cut it. Put it near the window that gets the most sun.
  • If you water the house plant on a regular basis, the roots could grow weak from the routine. Once a week, soak it with a pitcher of water. It’s a wet-dry cycle that’ll create stronger roots.
  • Over-fertilizing a plant could make it wilt. Most house plants don’t even need to be fertilized. If you feel the plant need to be fertilized use a solid one over a liquid.
  • A way to save a dying house plant from becoming too dry is by purchasing another plant and grouping them together.

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3 Fun and Free Games to Play at Your Next Get Together

Hosting game night is a fun way to get together with friends for lots of laughs and good times. Check out these hilarious games to play the next time you have your friends over.

Poetry Balderdash is easy to play with the aid of the internet. One person looks up a poem online and reads the first three lines to the group then writes down the real fourth line. The other players write down fake fourth lines. Reads the lines aloud so everyone can guess which is the real line.

Get to know your friends on a deeper level with a game of loaded questions. Everyone writes down a question on paper, folds it up, and tosses it into a hat. One player picks a question, reads it, and everyone writes down their answers. Mix them up then guess who wrote which answer.

Drawing with friends always ends in laughter. One person names an animal and then gives everyone five or ten seconds to draw their version. Afterward the person who called the animal judges which is the best drawing.

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Tips for Finding an Apartment Design That Works


It’s not always easy finding an apartment design that satisfies all of your needs with so many different types, styles, and sizes available to you. But when it comes to finding a design, it all comes down to personal preference.

Whether you live alone, have a roommate, or you have a family, individual needs vary making floor plan selection a key factor when choosing an apartment:

  • One vital necessity for any apartment whether it’s a studio or three-bedroom luxury apartment is the need for more storage space. Over-sized closets, extra closets, built-in pantries, entertainment areas with shelving, and outside storage each provide extra space for clothes, linens, food, toys, sports equipment, and electronic equipment.
  • Choose an apartment layout that allows ease of travel from room to room without unnecessary twists, turns, and impediments along the way. Each room should be easily accessible.
  • Make sure the apartment is designed with privacy in mind. Bedrooms should be far enough away from the living room and kitchen so noise from these areas do not affect someone sleeping or doing homework in their bedroom.

Come home to the innovative designs and spacious floor plans of an apartment and live the lifestyle you desire in total comfort.

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How to Keep Allergens Out of Your Home


With spring right around the corner, you will want to keep your apartment at our luxurious community neat and clean. With a few good apartment cleaning tips, you can even keep allergens out of your home. This is highly important for you if you happen to suffer from allergies. These are the best ways to go about fighting allergens in the apartment:

  • Thoroughly vacuum your apartment. This not only includes carpeting and rugs but furniture as well. Generally, anything that is made up of fabric should be worked on so that you can eliminate dust and debris buildup. You should vacuum at least once per week. Use a mask if you have allergies or asthma.
  • Dust your apartment with a clean cloth and a dust removal cleaner. It will pick up not only the dust but also additional allergens in the air, such as pollen. Also, always keep clothing stored away in closets or drawers so it doesn’t collect dust.
  • Wash your bedding regularly in hot water. This includes sheets, pillowcases, blankets, and mattress covers that are made from a fabric. With allergies, you should do this weekly.

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