How to Make Cleanup After Dinner Go Smoother

You love life in your apartment, but if you are looking for some apartment living tips to make things even easier for you, especially at meal time, read on! Here are three easy tips to make after-dinner clean up even easier:

1. Clean while cooking. Rather than stacking everything up, rinse and wash as you cook. Use those five minutes between steps to clean off plates or load the dishwasher. It will keep the work from piling up into a mountain of work after the meal.

2. Use the trash can. Tossing things in the trash right away can help keep the counters from being cluttered. It may only seem like a few packages or peels but it can add up over the course of cooking and become a big mess to clean up when it is all done.

3. Pre-soak is your friend. Put pans and dishes on to soak while you eat so they are easier to clean after the meal is done. Soaking for the 30 minutes of the meal can make clean up much faster in the end.

For more information on what life in our apartment is like, contact us today!

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Tips for Making Your Apartment Cozy for Sleeping

In today’s busy world, you might be having a hard time getting a peaceful night’s sleep. Sometimes there are so many things running through your mind that sleep just doesn’t come easy. There are ways you can work on your apartment design that will help you with that.

Here are some tips for making your apartment more peaceful for sleeping at night:

  • Make sure you have the right mattress to suit you. Not everyone’s body types and sleep styles are the same, but there are mattresses that will help. Go to a sleep store and try out the different mattresses.
  • If there is one thing that disturbs sleep frequently, it is too much light in a room. Make sure you have the right window coverings for your bedroom. You want something that will black out your room completely.
  • Make your room comfortable by adding personality to it. You want the one space that is solely yours to reflect you. Be sure to add a few pieces that reflect who you are.

You can do so much with your apartment design that will help you get the sleep you need. Get in touch with for more ideas.

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How to Refresh the Carpet In Your Apartment

Carpets cover the majority of your apartment, and yet they sometimes get ignored aside from the occasional vacuuming. Here are some great apartment living tips on how to refresh the carpet in your home.

In an effort to make your apartment look better, you decide it’s time to rearrange the furniture. It is all going great until you notice the indentations left in the carpet by your furniture. What to do? It’s easy. Place an ice cube in the indentation and let it melt. Afterwards, fluff up the indentation with a fork or a toothpick and dab away excess moisture. Works like a charm.

To remove odors and pet hair, sprinkle some baking soda on your carpet and leave it on for a minimum of 15 minutes. Overnight is even better. Then just vacuum it up. If you need to, take a brush to help remove any pet hair that is stubborn.

Check our blog frequently for more apartment living tips, and contact us for more information about living in our community.

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3 Ideas for Making a Your Home

If you feel stifled in your home, you may need to take a step back and do some slight re-arranging with your apartment design in order to feel inspired again. Nobody should feel like they can’t be creative in their own space.

Here are three ideas for making a more creative home:

  • If you are looking for inspiration, head outdoors. Nature is a great way to clear your mind and fill it with simple, down-to-earth ideas you can incorporate in your apartment.
  • Although routine can be a good thing, you want to avoid going stagnant. You should change things up, especially at home. Move things around. Move art between rooms or rearrange the furniture.
  • When you need to be motivated, having visual inspiration is a great way to achieve this. Find quotes you want to live by and find pictures that match your wants and then post them on walls where you can see them daily.

You can get your creative juices flowing in a variety of ways. Try these ideas to bring more variety into your apartment design and be inspired. Contact us today for more decorating tips and ideas.

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Quick Cleaning Tips

The phone rings and you receive the news that someone is coming to visit. You panic as you look around your less than perfect apartment. You want to clean it up and make it as neat as possible but you don’t have the time. What do you do? There are ways you can give your apartment a clean up that will give the illusion that your space is always clean.

Here are a few quick cleaning tips for those unexpected guests.

  • Keep one side of your sofa cushions reserved for when you have guests. When you know they are on their way, simply flip the cushions. It will give them the clean side that looks like new fabric and when the leave you can flip it back.
  • Get a nice basket for organizing stray books and magazines. The basket can be a lovely one that fits the décor. When you know someone is coming over, gather up the stray reading material and place it neatly in the basket. No one will know the difference.
  • De-clutter the front of your refrigerator in your Houston apartments by pulling down all the sticky notes and other things you have hanging on it and toss them in plastic bag. You can then put the bag in a drawer and you will have time to go through it at a later time.

You don’t have to panic when you hear that guests are coming over. You can fake a clean home in no time with these simple tips. Enjoy having visitors at your apartment.

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Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Keeping your kitchen cabinets organized can be a daunting task. But it is possible. Here’s how to organize kitchen cabinets in three easy steps.

  • Take Everything Out: Remove everything from your cabinets and put it on the counter or your kitchen table. This will allow you to see exactly what you have. It will also be a good time to purge anything you haven’t used since you purchased it. You should also throw out anything that is past its expiration date.
  • First In First Out: Also known as FIFO, first in first out means newer items go in the back of your cabinets and older items go in the front. This way the older items are used up before they expire.
  • Organize Your Way: Ultimately, when you organize your kitchen, you need to organize it with your family in mind. Try different ways of organizing the cabinets until you find what works for you and the family.

Are you looking for an apartment? If so, contact us today for more information about our beautiful community. We’re happy to answer any of your questions.

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Using Veggies in the Kitchen

When you are at home this fall, you should take time to cook some healthy dishes in your kitchen. As the weather grows cooler, you will want to eat more hearty foods. With that being said, knowing how to cook healthy meals with vegetables is absolutely essential. You will feel fuller, will have more energy and will be healthier for it. Here are some ideas.

  • Take several different types of veggies, such as peppers, cucumber, green beans, cauliflower and broccoli and chop them into small pieces. Pickle them by placing the pieces into a jar filled with vinegar and add spices you like to that. Put the jar in the refrigerator. The vegetables will last around three months.
  • Roast some mixed vegetables once per week in a large pan. You can place the roasted veggies into casseroles, sandwiches, wraps and pasta dishes to make the dishes fuller and even yummier.
  • Use a casserole dish and line it with vegetable crust. Place kale, collard greens and chards inside. You may even want to try adding pieces of pumpkin and squash for an exotic taste.
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The Benefits of Stretching Every Morning

Stretching exercises are both short and simple, meaning that you can run through a number of them within a short period of time. As a result, if you are interested in exercising in the morning, doing your stretches should be considered an indispensable step.

Consider these benefits of stretching in the morning:

  • Although stretches are both short and simple, doing them still counts as exercise. This is important because exercising in the morning can produce a number of noticeable benefits, including but not limited to an easier start, a better brain, and even a better mood.
  • Stretching loosens the muscles, which is important because tense muscles can result in injuries when used in strenuous exercise. For example, using one arm to pull the other towards the chest ensures that both shoulders are readied for exercise.
  • Warming up with stretches and other less intense activities also tells the body to start preparing for strenuous movement. Examples range from more blood being pumped to the muscles to increased lubrication for the joints.
  • Since stretching is so simple, you have the time to stretch thoroughly.

If you are interested in learning more about performing stretching exercises, please contact us today.

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Planning an International Trip? Remember These Money Tips

If you’re planning on leaving your apartment behind to travel abroad for a little while keep these money tips for international trips in mind.

  • Credit and Debit Cards – Check with your credit card company or bank to make sure your card can be used outside of the U.S. You may also need to request a credit card that can be used internationally. Let your bank or credit card company know you’ll be out of country in case your card is stolen or lost.
  • Exchange Rates – Use ATMs to avoid the higher exchange rates manned charge. Pull out a little extra money than what you expect to use so that you won’t have to pay fees multiple times.
  • Reconverting – Avoid reconverting your leftover currency at the end of your trip. This will just be eat up in extra fees. Instead try to use up the last of your currency on smaller things, such as an extra meal before heading home or leave a few nice tips.

With these money tips for international trips you’ll be on your way to spending wisely while your away.

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5 Creative Color Combinations That Will Make Your Apartment Pop

Some apartment decorating ideas that make you feel great about your space. Here are five color combinations that will make your apartment pop in the best way.

Fire engine red and dusky green

These two colors are on the opposite sides of the color wheel to produce an exciting combination. The red is more of an accent color in this combo.

Rose and teal 

This is a play on pink and green, itself a play on red and green. Since the rose is more like a dusty pink, it reads sophisticated. Try a teal accent against a rose wall.

Black and bright pink

The pink counters the drab of black, while black pushes pink into the foreground so even a bright pink works with black. They also work well with your apartment stainless steel appliances.

Raspberry and sky blue

Unlike the other combinations both of these colors pop so use them with a muted color like white.

Teal and lavender

This color combo works because the lavender is the star. If you set a light lavender against an even lighter shade of lavender, the colors add depth and highlight the teal.

For information about our apartment community, please contact us.

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