Keep Your Apartment Clean With These 3 Ideas

It is amazing how much clutter can gather over a few years or months. You may ask yourself how you ever managed to gather so much clutter, and what you can do to solve the problem. Here are some cleaning and organization tips for decluttering your apartment.

  • The designated outbox: Place a box or bag in a corner and make it part of your furniture. Throw unwanted items and stuff into this and ensure you clean it once a week.
  • Clean cooking: Never leave dishes for the next day; this is a good indication of clutter in your kitchen. Also, try to clean as you cook in order that you do not have to clean after dinner. This allows spend some quality time with loved ones.
  • Tidy up: Take ten minutes a day, and pick up and put away all things you took out or used. This way you awake to a tidy apartment. Do this and  you will lessen the amount of time you spend cleaning up.

Looking to rent an apartment in Fairfax? Contact us at Masonvale for more information about our available floor plans.

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Stay Productive This Summer With These 5 Tips

Relentless beams of sunlight beat your head, causing you to jump into a community center pool of clear cool waters. You stay in the moment all summer long but at some point this season, you might have to get things done. Tackle all your responsibilities with our 5 Summer Productivity Tips.

  1. It’s always fun to travel. Get around town by bicycle or your own two feet, and explore beautiful Fairfax!
  2. Get pumped up at a fitness center, or stay fit with Yoga and Pilates.
  3. Do-It-Yourself, or DIY, is a popular social movement that you can be a part of if you’re willing to teach yourself something new.
  4. Take time out of your summer schedule to volunteer. Everyone needs a helping hand; lend yours this summer.
  5. Read for the fun of it. Stay abreast of the latest fashions in The Fashion File by Janie Bryant, costume designer for Mad Men.

By using our summer productivity tips, you’ll have more time to enjoy lounging poolside than worrying about what you need to get done next. Share your favorite tips with us in the comment box below. Contact us for more information about keeping your apartment cool and utility bills low this summer.

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3 Best Bars in Fairfax County for Craft Beer

As a George Mason University student, staff or faculty member, living in our beautiful Masonvale Apartments makes it super easy to get to class or work on campus. There’s also plenty of entertainment and nightlife to be had just off campus. In fact, some of the best bars in Fairfax County are only a short distance away.

The Lost Dog Cafe is a fun spot with wall-to-wall dog decor, including paintings of dogs cooking and dressed in work suits. Pick out your favorite beer and enjoy it with one of their pizzas. They also have pasta, soups, salads and sandwiches.

Check out Cock & Bowl, a great place to go to sample a wide variety of Belgian beers. This bistro-style bar has an outdoor patio perfect for after work drinks on a warm day. Enjoy Belgian dishes, as well, such as Belgian frites,  chicken liver pate and shrimp croquettes, as well as steamed mussels.

At Virtue Feed and Grain, you can try expertly crafted beer cocktails, known as “hoptails.” Try the chocolate beer martini. Gourmet dishes include bison burgers, quinoa risotto and grilled lamb chops.

Contact us to learn about other cool bars and restaurants near our apartment community.

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Play These 3 Party Games at Your Next Get Together


What’s more fun than friends getting together for a night of memory making? A get together with games! Make socializing and apartment living unforgettable with 3 entertaining party games.

  1. Mark Simpson: During a turn, players are asked by one person to draw a cartoon character (i.e., Homer Simpson, Wile E. Coyote, Pokemon, etc.) from memory. The player who draws the character closest to its actual image wins the round.
  2. Loaded Questions: Probing questions are written paper strips, which are placed in a hat and drawn by one player. One question per turn will be read, and all players will write their answer on a paper strip which will be handed to the player on the questioner’s right. The questioning player has to guess who wrote each response.
  3. Poets for Balderdash: One player is read the first 3 lines of a randomly chosen poem by another player. Other players, including the reader, write down a fake fourth line. To gain a point, the person who was read to must determine which line is the real one.

Apartment living is delightful when you spend time entertaining at home. Contact us for more party games and activity ideas today.

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Decorate Your Outdoor Space


The amenities in our community make this location a great place to live. These apartments come with private patios, perfect for enjoying the weather. You can make them even better by decorating the space. Enhance the mood and improve the comfort with some good ideas. It makes for the ideal oasis when you want to relax.

-One idea is to go with furniture in a neutral color like white or gray. It looks pulled together with little effort, and isn’t overstated.

-To add color, use accents like pillows, cushions, and other items. You can throw them around, and they come in all sorts of designs.

-Use natural elements like wicker furniture, a grill or candles, and free standing umbrella for a more open feel.

-A wooden fence or some type of wall can make a space more private. But it depends on how you use your patio. Add items how they work.

-Whatever you use, make the space better with pieces that improve comfort, This can be a sofa, lamps, a tray and refreshments.

For more information, contact us online. You can visit us on Facebook as well.

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5 Ways to Make Your Apartment Your Own Place


Moving into a new apartment is an exciting experience.  It’s a chance for a fresh start and a chance to decorate the new space.  Here are five apartment decorating tips to make your apartment feel like your own place.

  • Add some color: Adding color is a great way to show personality in your apartment.  Whether that is painting the walls or just adding colorful pillows and blankets, it goes a long way.
  • Pictures: Having pictures of your friends and family around your apartment will remind you of good memories and will make you feel at home.
  • Fill the walls: Don’t leave your walls blank.  Fill them with art or pictures to give a homey feel.
  • Lights: Adding special lights can help to give a warm feeling to your apartment, which will comfort you.
  • Listen to yourself: Follow your own style and decorate your apartment the way you want.  You can use magazines and websites as inspiration, but you shouldn’t decorate a certain way just because a magazine says it’s the latest trend.

Contact us today for more information about our apartments.

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How to Stay Safe Running in Cold Weather


Running in cold weather is a bracing, fun activity that allows you to keep your energy and health up during the winter, but it needs to be done properly if you are to protect yourself. Here are some great tips for running in cold weather:

Get the Right Shoes First

Just as there are walking and running shoes, there are all-weather and ordinary shoes. Make sure you get shoes that are made for winter. Even if you avoid the icier portions of the street, you may still run into some slick spots!

Dress for the Weather

Your body will quickly heat up when you run, but the wind will still be a factor. A windbreaker is a great way to protect yourself from the worst of it. Don’t forget to wear thick socks!

Don’t Forget the Time

It gets dark much earlier in the winter, and darkness can fall quite suddenly. If you’ll be running or jogging after a certain time of day, make sure that you’re wearing reflective gear. Otherwise, vehicles may not see you by the side of the road.

Are you looking for an active community to run in near Quincy? We invite you to contact us at Metro Marina Bay for more information regarding our apartments.

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Be Sure to Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Moving Long Distance to Our Quincy Apartments


Moving, especially long distance, can be a real headache. If you are making a long-distance move to our Quincy apartments, there are a few pitfalls to be aware of. Avoiding these common mistakes will go far in keeping stress levels low and allowing to focus on getting your new home up and organized and decorated.

  • Mistake #1 – Thinking strictly in terms of square footage. Remember that available floor space depends on the apartment layout, including things that may take up that space, such as kitchen islands, built in storage areas, etc. Even a smaller number of square feet may yield more floor space, or vice versa, than your old place.
  • Mistake #2 – Not getting an in-home moving estimate. When you hire a mover, you want an accurate quote from someone who has seen exactly what you are moving, rather than a vague estimate from a written list that could double on moving day.
  • Mistake #3 – Losing track of necessary hardware. Whether you personally disassemble furnishings or leave it to the movers, you should personally keep any hardware until you reach your new home to avoid it being misplaced.

Have some moving tips of your own? Share them with us on Twitter. Contact us for more information about our apartment community.

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Give Your Furniture a New Look With These 5 DIY Tips


Avoiding spending money on new furniture by enhancing your old furniture pieces. There are many things you can do to give a new look to your existing furniture at your Metro Marina Bay apartments. Consider the following ideas:

  • Paint your upholstery- Do you have stains in your upholstery? You might be able to cover them up by painting over them.
  • Turn your glass into a mirror- Sometimes, an old glass cabinet can be coated by a mercury glass treatment to give it a new look and cover up blemishes.
  • Add some decor features to plain furniture- You can take a simple table and add some trimmings to transform it into a real asset to your interior design.
  • Put on a pattern- If you’re a bit artistic, you can consider a painting project that will add visual interest to your plain furniture pieces.
  • Get a slipcover- A slipcover is much more affordable than a new ottoman. If you love the design of your ottoman but hate the covering, consider this simple solution.

Our community blog offers many more useful tips for apartment living in Fairfax.

If you think you’d like to live at our Metro Marina Bay, let us know by sending an inquiry.

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Get Your Pantry Organized With These 3 Tips


We offer spacious pantries in our apartments, but it is up to you to keep the contents organized. To help you get started, here are three tips for organizing your pantry.

  • Tackle The Mess: The first thing you need to do is remove everything from the pantry and lay it out on the table, counter or even the floor. Group all duplicate items to make things easier. Go through everything to see what needs to be donated or discarded.
  • Group Similar Items Together: Create different categories, such as canned soups, cereal and oatmeal, grains, baking items and snacks. Give each category a designated spot in the pantry and use printable labels or duct tape to mark off each area.
  • Use Organizing Tools: It will be easier to create and labels zones with see-through organization tools. You can use plastic bins, mason jars, wire baskets, a spice rack or lazy Susan to organize your items. Consider hanging a see-through organizer on the inside pantry door using self-adhesive hooks.
  • You can learn more about our apartments by contacting us.

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