Save Some Energy This Year With This Lighting Tip

If you have a consistently high electric bill, you might want to do something to save energy. An easy place to start is with your lighting. Using some excellent green living tips at home at our Residences at Little River apartment community can help you to save energy and money at the same time. Here is what you can do with your lighting.

  • Of course, the most obvious way to save money on your lighting is to turn off the lights any time you leave a room.
  • Leave your lights off while it is still light outside and rely on the natural light from the sun to get your lighting when indoors during the day.
  • If you are using CFL bulbs in your lights, you will actually want to keep the lights on because they use less energy that way. If you leave a room for 15 minutes or less, leaving your CFL fueled lights on is better than turning it off and then back on again. Traditionally, CFL bulbs take longer to reach full power and use up to 75 percent less power than other bulbs.

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5 Bathroom Organization Tips You’ll Love

Having an organized bathroom helps you prepare for work quickly. If you’re looking for some clever and creative bathroom organization tips, consider implementing the following practices at the Residences at Little River:

  1. Putting shelving over the toilet- Take advantage of unused areas above the toilet with shelves built into the walls or a shelving units.
  2. Personalizing your towels- You can make your towel washing system more efficient by personalizing towels so that you don’t feel the need to wash them as often.
  3. Using toilet storage fixtures- Look into different containers and shelving units that can go over the toilet and store items like toilet paper rolls, tissues, candles, magazines, and more.
  4. Hanging magazines- If you keep magazines in your bathroom, you can store them on a hanger to avoid taking up floor space with a basket or other container.
  5. Storage niches- Look carefully at your bathroom and you’ll probably find some nooks and crannies that can be used for extra storage.

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Have Dogs? Check Out These Safety Tips for Hot Weather

If you are looking for a great pet-friendly apartment in Haverhill, you will certainly want to explore our Residences at Little River apartment community. It is a fine place for both you and your furry, feathered, or scaled buddy to live. If you have a dog, you will want to make sure he is well taken care of, especially in the hot weather as summer approaches. Here are some safety tips.

  • Never over-exercise your dog when it’s very hot out. Try to keep your pet in the shade as much as possible during the hottest days of summer.
  • If you drive somewhere in very hot weather and have your pooch in tow, never leave him in the car when you park. Take your pet out on his leash. Even if a dog is left in a hot car with the window down, it can still become deadly hot within.
  • Know the warning signs of heat stroke in dogs. If your canine is excessively panting or drooling or seems on the verge of collapsing, contact your vet immediately.

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Love Beer? Tour the Samuel Adams Brewery

If you are looking for something different to do this summer, but do not have the time to take a long vacation, consider a staycation.

Spend a day getting to know all about the history and the process of beer making from one of the greatest breweries in Boston. This summer, book at tour the Samuel Adams Brewery and you can get away without going too far away from our apartments.

Free tours at the Samuel Adams Brewery take place Monday through Saturday. No matter if you are off for the entire summer or if you are off just for the weekends, there is a tour to fit your schedule. Plan your tour for one of the following times:

  • Monday through Thursday from 10 am to 3 pm
  • Friday from 10 am to 5:30 pm
  • Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm

If you’re an early bird, register for the Morning Mash tour on Saturday’s at 9:40 am. This is a great way to begin the day before heading off to brunch or to the beach near our apartments. This tour offers a special tasting which may change the way you view Samuel Adams.

To learn more about our apartments near breweries in Boston, contact us today!

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Three Tips to Help You Sleep Better In Your Apartment

alarm-clock-1193291_640 (1)

Without a doubt, our Residences at Little River apartment community is a fine choice if you are seeking a new home. However, as is the case with many people at a new home, you might have some problems falling asleep. Fortunately, with a few good apartment living tips, you can adjust and enjoy better sleep in your new place. Perhaps all that you need is to make a few tweaks to your bedroom.

  • One of the most basic reasons you might have trouble sleeping is because of your mattress. If your mattress is more than 10 years old, it’s time to replace it. If it isn’t quite that old, you may have another issue of owning the wrong type of mattress. There are different types of mattresses that are appropriate for certain people or firmness of yours might be the issue.
  • If your bedroom is all about angles and sharpness while lacking in softness, it can lead to difficulty sleeping. Make the adjustments you need. Consider adding plush pillows, a rug, curtains, and even plush furniture to soften the environment and provide a better place for sleeping.
  • Get the right type of curtains for you. Dark curtains block outside light while lighter curtains allow in sunlight in the morning.

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Want to Get Into Cycling? Check Out Boston Bikes


There is so much you can do during the summer for both mental and physical stimulation. One activity you can involve yourself in nearby our luxurious Residences in Little River apartment community is cycling in Boston. This is an ideal activity that can get you in shape in no time and that is fun as you hit the outdoors and meet up with others who enjoy cycling. Boston Bikes can help you to get more involved in this great activity.

Boston Bikes is located in the heart of the Boston area and was established by Mayor Menino back in 2007. Its purpose is to promote the great physical activity of cycling around the city and to ensure that every bike rider is safe. The mission of Boston Bikes is to make improvements to the areas of engineering, enforcement, education, encouragement, equity, and evaluation. Come in to gain more education about cycling throughout the city, to get a helmet for your safety, or even to join a cycling group. There are groups for both kids and adults. You can even donate your old bike for charity!

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Tips for Working Out a Way to Split the Chores


Sharing your home at our lovely Residences at Little River apartment community with one or more people is a great way to save money. Of course, living with a roommate means not only sharing the expenses, but also the cleaning that must be done regularly. Here are some of the best ideas for working out a way to split the chores between you.

  • Determine a set timeline for how often you want to clean your apartment. Will it be on a daily basis, weekly, every two weeks, bimonthly, or monthly? Discuss this with your roommates so that everyone is in the know.
  • Decide what the household chores will be and designate specific tasks to each person. If you want to share certain tasks, determine that you both will clean or take care of these things.
  • Come up with a way to decide how each person is going to be made accountable for their tasks. You can mark this down on a calendar or bulletin board.
  • Check in with everyone for a meeting on a regular basis, whether weekly or monthly.

Contact us for information and to schedule a tour of our apartment community.

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These Cardio Tips Go Great With Our Fitness Center


Our fitness center is the perfect place to help you stay in shape. The cardio machines on our property are going to get you into shape and help you shed the pounds, provided you get on over and stick to your resolution.

These are three cardio tips that will go great with our fitness center and your fitness routines:

  • Try the Quickie Cardio routine. This routine is less than 30 minutes but will Have you fit and trim. Get on one of treadmills for this one.
  • 35-mintue Cycling Speed Workout. Really burn off all the holiday feasts with this routine. The bikes in the fitness center can help you with this one.
  • The Reverse Cardio Workout. Get on one of our ellipticals for this workout. Just be sure to find out your perfect starting speed.

If you are interested in apartments with fitness centers in Haverhill, contact us today at The Residences at Little River.

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How to Take Care of the Clutter In Your Closet


So you’ve used our apartment living tips for reducing your tech clutter or maybe made a landing spot to control clutter, so what’s next? Tackling all that clutter in your closet, of course!

Start by categorizing every item in your closet. Make a pile each for:

  • Things you want to keep
  • Things to donate
  • Things to throw away
  • Things you’d like to keep but need to fix

While your closet is empty, add in any storage solutions you need. For example, consider making the most use of your space with a vertical shoe rack, whether the stand-alone or the over-the-door type, it’s a great way to help make every inch of your closet space usable.

Start filling in your closet with the things you definitely want to keep. It helps to put out-of-season items in the harder-to-reach corners and high shelves, leaving the easy-to-grab real estate for items you use more often. Finally, dispose of your toss pile, donate your give-away items, mend the things that need repaired, and enjoy your beautifully-organized closet!

Looking for the perfect place to make use of all these apartment living tips? Please contact us today for information about our Residences at Little River community.

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Take a Summer Vacation to Newburyport, Massachusetts


Attractions, sites and fun things to do in Newburyport are seemingly endless, so it’s difficult to pick just one spot for a summer getaway. And at less than a half-hour drive from Haverhill, you can plan a little summer vacation or several mini summer getaways and enjoy a new attraction every time you visit this town in the Commonwealth.

Here are our favorite places to stay, visit, and eat while on a trip to Newburyport:

  • Where to stay —  If you plan on staying in town overnight, it’s hard to pick just one local favorite, but one of the spots that has unbeatable elegance and is located in the heart of historic downtown Newburyport is The Compass Rose Inn. This popular bed and breakfast fills up quickly with only five three-room suites, so make sure you get your reservations in as soon as possible.
  • Where to eat — For a great dinner that combines the best of New England cuisine with the flavors of Northern Italy, Enzo Restaurant & Bar is the place to go.
  • Where to visit — This summer promises to have great opportunities for wildlife watching, and nature enthusiasts would love a trip to Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.

If you want to get away this summer, check out all that Newburyport attractions have to offer. It can be a different and wonderful experience with each visit.

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