Practice These Healthy Home Cleaning Habits

When you are looking to “go green,” it is no surprise the wealth of green cleaning tips available in our community. Everyone is trying to implement their own green cleaning tips and none should be considered less valuable for any reason at all really. Here are some ways to practice these healthy home cleaning habits which will help you “go-green.”

Air: Keeping your air “fresh” in an apartment home may seem novel but there are proven health benefits to fresh air. Open up those windows from time to time, even in the wintertime. Just a few minutes can really change the quality of your air.

Dust: Dust. Often. All surfaces which can collect dust are up for the rag. Use a non-toxic cleaner and a biodegradable rag for an even better dusting experience.

Bedrooms: Our bedrooms are where we spend the majority of our time at home, even if it doesn’t feel like it. We sleep there and that means we need to be living clean. Even though we love our pets there should be a no-bedroom policy in place for our mangy pets.

Remember these simple tips and yours will be a green life in the new year and beyond.

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Green Living Tips for Apartment Residents

There is never a better time to tackle green apartment living practices than the present.  Just follow some of these green living tips and you will begin to see a true impact on your annual energy bill, as well as improving your effectiveness in water use, heating practices and even cooking.

Start with the simple stuff around the apartment like turning off your electronics, your computer and printer as well as TV, when not in use.  Closing your curtains during the day in the summer will keep your air conditioning bills down and turning off room lights during the day, or when you have left the room, are excellent green practices for all family members.

Next, if you are still using those incandescent light bulbs, toss them and purchase the more energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs or LED’s which last longer and use far less electricity.

Use less water by taking a shower instead of a bath. Also, run your dishwasher when you have a full load.

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Pet Care Tips for Eco-Friendly Dog Owners

“Green” is king. This even goes for pet owners. We need to establish good habits and we need to practice green pet care tips. Here are some green pet care tips for eco-friendly dog owners.

Food: You can start on the journey to live greener by buying your dog holistic, organic dog food. There is a difference in the quality of the product. You would be sickened to know what you feed your dogs from canned commercial dog food. Even the bag stuff can be low in nutrients. Finding holistic dog food should be job number one.

Wash: Once you have gotten the food then you need to think about the products you wash your dog with. If you use cleaning solution with chemicals in it, you are just asking for trouble. You should speak to your local pet store or vet to find out what the best green cleaners are best.

Toys: You can even go as far as to make sure your dogs gnawing toys are “green” or eco-conscious. You would hate for your dog to swallow a piece of plastic which messes with their digestive tract.

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3 Things to Know About Tires and Gas Mileage

When you are tooling around town in your car you may not be aware that there are more ways to reduce your carbon footprint besides driving a fuel efficient vehicle. “Going green” is one of the most popular and important things for everyone to follow. If you’re looking for tips on how to help out the environment while driving, consider these tips regarding tire care!

Before you jump into your car on the way from our apartment community, to run errands or head to work or whatever else you have to do for the week, consider taking a look at your tire pressure. You can do this easily by investing in an inexpensive tire pressure gauge, which can be found at any gas station or auto repair shop.

If you are not aware of how much pressure your tires need to be inflated, then simply look inside your driver’s side door and there is a small plaque which informs you about how much pressure is needed in your car’s tires. Read these instructions carefully because too much air in a tire could lead to a blow out on the highway.

Periodically examine the tread on your tires to make certain it is not becoming worn or, worst yet, bald.  If a tire is bald or you can see the metal threading, it should be replaced immediately!

Drive safe by checking out the tires on a daily basis to prevent any misfortunes on the road.

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3 Games to Play With Your New Puppy

Having a new puppy at your pet-friendly apartment is very exciting and joyful.  Just having them running around and always in a playful mood is exhilarating. Since puppies commonly active, you should consider puppy games that will hold their interest and help with their training.

One puppy game that will give them a fair amount of exercise has to be engaging in a series of jumping and curb balancing. This is always fun for pets and it allows them to improve their balance. You can even jog along with them, but do it at their pace and not yours. Also, make certain the leash is long enough.

Dogs absolutely love to play hide and seek, and it gives them an opportunity to try out their senses. This also is great for teaching your pet to listen and follow your “come” command.

Another terrific game that is lots of fun is having your dog hunt around your apartment for his toy or treats. You can build up your puppy’s confidence by allowing him to win some of the time.

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3 Helpful Tips for New Cat Owners

Have you recently adopted a feline? It can be a new experience for someone who has never owned a cat. If you’re looking for helpful tips, check out advice for new cat owners to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls owners make regardless of the cat’s age.

  • Furniture: Cats love to perch and otherwise make furniture their own, so keep this in mind when yelling at Fluffy to get off the couch. While you can train a cat to stay off certain items around your apartment, remember that this will probably take some time, unless you have the most well-behaved cat on the planet.
  • Toys: Feline friends are easily amused. They can find fun in a cardboard box, so fancy toys aren’t necessary. Give them a few catnip mice and string with balls on the ends to play with and they’ll be just fine!
  • More Cats: These animals are generally social creatures, so you might want to consider adopting a friend for kitty to play with.

Use these and other tips to adjust to life with a new cat!

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Clever Tips to Help with Packing School Lunches

Packing a child’s lunch can be a challenge because you want to add healthy food, while at the same time, providing items children will want in a limited amount of time. Using informative parenting tips for packing school lunches can make the process faster and more efficient so morning time is not so stressful.

  • Place a frozen sponge inside a baggie to keep food cool. The sponge absorbs the water and can be used to clean up after eating.
  • Add a package of sanitizing hand wipes so kids can keep their hands clean.
  • Pack food in eco-friendly containers.
  • Freeze juice boxes in the freezer overnight. Use the frozen drink to keep food cool while thawing out for lunchtime.
  • Purchase wooden clothespins and decorate it to look like butterflies. Clip the middle of a plastic bag of snacks forming the wings. This is a fun and innovative lunchtime treat.
  • Utilize a thermos by filling them with small fruits and veggies.
  • Designate a portion of the fridge as the lunch station to stock up items all in one convenient, easily accessible location.


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S’mores: A Delicious Twist on an Old Favorite

One of the best snack ideas that many of us remember as kids is enjoying tasty S’mores at outings.  So, why not take it to the next level and make these childhood snacks from the comfort of your home.

Try making S’mores with a sliced banana and strawberries. Place everything on top of a Graham cracker, just like a traditional s’mores.  It’s a taste experience you won’t want to miss.

Enjoy a treat fit for a king by making Elvis S’mores which is equally tasty and messy.  You simply add marshmallow and a peanut buttercup on a Graham cracker to enjoy.  It will be totally amazed!

For those who have a taste for caramel, you can make a cinnamon caramel S’mores and put it on top of a mouth smacking Fluffernutter S’mores. Chocolate lovers you can make a Triple Chocolate S’mores. You simply add dark chocolate and some marshmallow and put it on a chocolate Graham cracker.

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Super Foods That Should Be Added to Your Diet

While dieting is not a new concept, it seems like the focus on eating healthy foods is stronger now than ever before. Whether dieting or just simply making an effort to consume healthy foods, adding foods listed in “10 Everyday Super Foods”  to your grocery list may help provide a variety of the nutrients necessary to maintain good health, anytime of the year.

Low-fat, fat-free plain yogurt provides a variety of fantastic nutrients, like calcium, protein and potassium. You can eat this super food plain or add fruit for extra flavor. You can also use it in many baking recipes and dips.

Nuts are packed with nutrients, including protein, fiber, antioxidants and heart-healthy fats. While nuts do have a high content of fat, their benefits are abundant. Furthermore, when consumed in small doses, they may help lower cholesterol and promote weight loss.

There are so many different ways you can prepare sweet potatoes that are loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and calcium. While adding butter and sugar to this super food may not be the healthiest choice, it doesn’t reduce their awesome benefits.

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Create More Storage in Your Apartment Bathroom With These 5 Storage Solutions

There are many ways that you can maximize space in your luxury home. When trying to figure out space-saving solutions, its best to start small. Begin with the bathroom, and learn some great apartment living ideas for saving space with these tips.

Put shelves in your bathroom. Find slim shelves that don’t take a lot of space, and use this to hold your towels. This will help you in two ways, by both giving you easier access to your towels and freeing up storage space elsewhere.

The back of your cabinet doors is a great place to put small shelves. This will greatly increase your storage space.

Building vertically is an amazing way to open up your storage space.

Freestanding storage units are another great way to maximize your space in your luxury bathroom. Find items that fit comfortably and allow for plenty of space to store your bathroom items.

Spice racks make a fantastic shelf for smaller products. Paint one the color of your bathroom and see how your space brightens up. You can store your basic toiletries or fun decorations here.

To learn more apartment living ideas for our luxury apartment community, please contact us today.

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