Three Great Cacti to Grow In Your Apartment


Add some life to your living space with cacti. These easy to grow and maintain apartment plants can be interesting talking points for dinner guests and family members.

  • Soft-petaled succulents require indirect sunlight and can be grown in small pots. Not only are they tough, these long-lasting plants are also nice to look at which adds softness to your living space.
  • The golden barrel cactus plant is among the most commonly seen apartment plant, kind of like the “training wheels” for burgeoning green thumbs. This cactus yields yellow bell-shaped flowers in the summer as well.
  • The Christmas Cactus is a year-round beauty whose bright pink flowers bloom around December and, if well-maintained, in April-May. Feed it bright yet indirect sunlight, a regular schedule of water, and growth-boosting fertilizer (can be purchased at a local green house).

Added bonus: If you’re truly into decorating with a cactus theme in mind, add cactus-covered textiles and throw pillows to furniture in your apartment.

Growing your own healthy garden of indoor houseplants using cactus is simple and requires little maintenance. Share your favorite cactus growing stories in the comment box below. Contact us for more apartment living tips and ideas.

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Decorate the Living Room of Your Apartment With These 3 Tips


Decorating your living room can feel like a complex task when you’ve just moved into a new place and you’re starting from scratch. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend weeks or months shopping for the right stuff. Use these apartment decorating ideas to help you finish off your main living space without going crazy in the process.

  • Limit your color palette. It’s easy to go crazy with your favorite colors, but sticking to two or three main ones is your best bet. You should also avoid more than two accent colors as well, especially if you have a smaller living room.
  • Work with your architecture. Whether you’ve got a coffered ceiling, a fireplace or a unique brick wall, make what’s special about your living room a focal point. Your space will have more style and look a bit more one-of-a-kind than the typical cookie-cutter living room.
  • Get your furniture off the walls. Putting furniture on the walls will make a small space look smaller! Pull that sofa out and you’ll be surprised that your space feels bigger.

Contact Riverview Landing at Valley Forge for more apartment decorating ideas you can use to improve the look of your space.

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How to Use That End Table


Decorating your apartment is certainly fun, but it’s easy to run out of ideas. Between hanging paintings and placing your larger furniture, end tables tend to get lost in the shuffle. This is a shame, since they can add so much to your home’s character! Use these apartment decorating tips to get the most out of your end tables.

  • If it has a drawer, use it as storage for little odds and end that you want in your living room, but don’t necessarily want out on display. Pens and pencils, your novels and instruction manuals for the TV are all living room musts; keep them handy in a drawer.
  • Fill an empty corner with a simple end table, topped with a single house plant. This adds a modern look to your home.
  • Place entertaining books with plenty of pictures on your end table. This gives guests something to flip through as they lounge on your couch.
  • Put a basket under your end table to create a country look, and use it to store living room odds and ends.

The first step to apartment decorating is finding a great apartment! Contact us to learn about our friendly community.

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Create More Storage in Your Apartment With These 3 Ideas


Sometimes it seems like no matter how much square footage you have you could still use a bit more. Take advantage of every extra inch with these three smart storage tips.

  • There is a reason open floating shelving units are so popular! In addition to a great fresh look they actually can hold more than a traditional closed cabinet. Install open shelving along with the already in place cabinetry for the best of both worlds in both the bath and kitchen.
  • Don’t hide your storage options, embrace them. Replace a small nightstand which holds very little with a larger more practical chest of drawers. When selecting a bed frame, pick one with fitted drawers underneath or incorporated into the footboard. Instead of a solid headboard choose one with recessed shelving, small drawers and maybe even built-in lighting.
  • Pedestal sink in the bath? Add a Velcro strip around the rim of the sink and then hang a decorative fabric curtain from edge to edge. Now you can easily store (and hide) everything from cleaning supplies to personal care items.

Apartment living in Eagleville is easy when you call Riverview Landing at Valley Forge home. For leasing information please contact us today.

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Tips to Help You Go Green


Reducing our carbon footprint is not only good for the planet, it can also be good for our wallets. Here are green living tips to protect the environment and to save money.

  • Replace your light bulbs with Light Emitting Diodes. These have come down in price dramatically and use even less electricity than compact fluorescent bulbs. The light they give off is soft and looks very natural.
  • Turn off items that are not in use. Even if your phone is fully charged it will drain electricity if it is plugged in. Same goes for laptops and other rechargeable items.
  • Consider getting a solar charger for your rechargeable gadgets. Let the sun charge your phone, not the power grid.
  • Consider using green energy. You can opt on your power bill to have the power company utilize green sources of energy for use in your home. This will cost a few dollars extra per month but will give power companies further incentive to invest in more clean power solutions.

To get more apartment living tips or to know more about living in our community, contact us today.

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How to Exercise Safely in the Fitness Center

fitness-594143_640 (1)

When you’re exercising you may not think harm can come to your body, but if you’re not careful working out can put a negative strain on your body.

While exercising at our apartment community, pay attention to these important workout safety tips:

  • During every workout you should warm up and cool down. By warming up before working out your body will become prepared for the physical activity. By doing a cool down your breathing and heart rate will begin to return to normal.
  • Before working out at our Knoxville apartment community with a fitness center, remember to stretch. This will help cut down on post-workout cramps by loosening up your muscles.
  • When exercising, always wear proper clothes. Jeans should be avoided because they cause chaffing. You should always wear running shoes because they offer the best support for your feet.
  • Last but not least, drink water before, during, and after your workout. Staying hydrated balances out the water you loose through sweat.

If you’re interested in becoming a resident of our apartment community, check out what other great amenities we offer residents. Please contact us at Riverview Landing today for more information about the community.

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What is the Best Use of a Spare Bedroom?

ideas for a spare bedroom

Your spare or guest bedroom can also be used as a hobby space for activities like sewing. Source: Houzz

Do you have a second bedroom, but do not know what to do with it?  Use that bedroom for more that just sleeping space. Theses ideas for a spare bedroom help you decide what your options are:

Hobby Room
If you currently have a hobby but not place to put all your the items needed for your hobby, you have just solved a problem. If you do not have a hobby, this might be the perfect time to start one.You will be able to close the door if you are not finished, leaving other parts of the house tidy.

Office Space
If you need a space to work from, the second bedroom is perfect. You can organize files, drawers and a working area in the room.

Fitness Room
Want to workout, but prefers the comfort of your own home? The extra bedroom will do perfectly as a fitness room. Now, you can use the space to move around freely or use a machine without over crowding the living room and bumping into furniture.

Feel free to contact us at Riverview Landing at Valley Forge for any information on our apartment floorplans and availability.

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5 Budget Friendly Improvements You Can Make to Each Room in Your Apartment


With modern style and generous floor plans, Riverview Landing at Valley Forge is an excellent location for chic apartment living. It has excellent amenities, superior design, and space for you and friends to hang out. Decorating it to fit your tastes is easy, and a few changes can be done for just a few dollars.

If you want to update the living room, you can easily add some color with throw pillows. It brightens up the space and makes a couch more comfy.

An interesting idea in the bedroom that can make a difference is a new lamp shade. Find something that changes the lighting, makes it softer.

One of the easiest changes is in the bathroom. Try a new shower curtain. With a neat design, it adds some personality.

For the bathroom, or another room in the home, add some photos. It is a personal touch that always works well.

Another good idea  is to rearrange items on the coffee table. It is simple, and can be done with trays, plants, or other household items.

For more information on Riverview Landing, contact us online. Feel free to visit us on Facebook as well.

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