Give the Bedroom to Your Apartment a Makeover With These 3 Tips


One way you can makeover the bedrooms in our apartments is by maximizing the space to give it a wow factor.

Using decorative accessories and furniture is the best way to emphasis the unique design elements of your bedroom. Try these three makeover tips for making your bedroom standout.

  • Make the best use of the vertical space in your bedroom. Select two tall cabinets with drawers, and put them against one of the larger walls in your bedroom. Put a dressing table and decorative chair in between them. This design element will give you a lot of storage, while giving your bedroom a grand look.
  • Don’t overwhelm your room by placing accessories allover it. Decorate your bedroom with a couple of groups of accessories placed on a nightstand or table. This is a way you can beautifully decorate your bedroom without cluttering it with accessories.
  • Choose open-styled furniture such as an iron designed bed frame to make your bedroom feel airy and welcoming.

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3 Questions You Should Ask Roommates Before They Move In


One of the best roommate relation tips is that it’s a good idea to screen potential roommates when you’re searching for someone to live with. Asking the right questions before moving in with someone will allow you to determine your compatibility and make for a better living situation altogether. So we gathered these important interview questions to help you find the right person to live with in your Wood Bridge apartment.

  • How clean is clean? Find out if the other person’s idea of cleanliness is similar to yours. Would you need a chore wheel to keep track of who needs to do what? Do you leave dishes in the sink or wash right away?
  • When do you usually sleep? Having similar sleep schedules can be helpful. Will one of you be up making noise at the time the other needs to catch some rest?
  • What is your social life like? Will your new roommate want to have people over when you may need quiet time? Or maybe you’re a social butterfly who likes to host Sunday brunch with your closest friends. Will your new roommate be okay with that?

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5 Tips for Buying Your Apartment Furniture Online


Purchasing your furniture from an online source can be a great alternative to in-store purchases. You can often pick up some great deals, saving you loads of money! However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you hit that ‘checkout’ button. Check out our quick guide to buying your apartment furniture online!

  • Return Policy: Take a good long look at the company’s return policy, and if you see something you don’t agree with, definitely don’t buy.
  • Delivery Fees: Don’t let these numbers slip your mind. Even a seemingly small charge can add up quickly if you live in an area that gets charged extra.
  • Test It Out: You should definitely create a mock up out of tape or cardboard. This is a great way to confirm the size of your purchase to make absolutely sure it’s what you need.
  • Reviews: Read user reviews, they’re almost always more honest than the store ads, and might save you some grief.
  • Compare: Check multiple sources for the same item, often times a store will have a sale going, or are offering a better price.

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