Energize Your Apartment On a Budget With These 3 Ideas

Your apartment is your home and see the same old things everyday… Have you wanted to add some spice and redecorate your apartment but everything you like is too costly? Now with these apartment decorating on a budget tips, you can revamp your living space without emptying your bank account.

First things before heading to the shops, look around your apartment and get some inspirations from items you already have. You can cut out photos from old magazines and frame them to add artwork to your walls. Use frames you already have or pick up a few from a dollar store.

Move some things around– end tables, chairs, and stools can be moved easily and give a room a whole new look when arranged differently, or in another area of the apartment.

Reuse glass jars for storage. With some craftiness, you can make an old jar look stylish and then use it for placing flowers around your apartment or holding items such as kitchen utensils, or even office supplies.

Bonus tip– a closet makes a great space for an office nook!

Are you planning to move to New York? Contact The Landing on Mohegan Lake apartments for your rental inquires.

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Relax This Summer at Our Community Pool

Residents at the Landing get to experience a beautiful environment like no other. With a serene landscape and modern amenities, these Mohegan Lake apartments for rent give you freedom and privacy you can’t find elsewhere. With summer around the corner, take advantage of one of the features, the community pool.

The pool serves as the ideal place to relax this summer. Sure there is the lake, but the pool is better to go in. The crystal blue waters greet you as you go for a dip. Lounge on the chairs by the pool with something to read and a beverage, and enjoy the sun’s rays. It is the perfect setting to chill out and just be lazy.

The community pool is also a good place to get some exercise. Swim laps to get a good workout. It works all the muscles in the body and is refreshing in the summertime. Break out your swimsuits and flip flops and head over to the pool. Don’t forget your sunscreen! Place a towel over the chair and relax in the warm weather.

For more information on the Landing, contact us online. You can visit us on Facebook as well.

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Create More Storage in Your Living Room With These 5 Ideas

Increase your Lake Mohegan NY apartment living comfort with these living room storage ideas.

  • Tuck It Away – If your living room doubles as a playroom and coffee dates, hide toys and books with large containers and baskets behind couches for easy access later.
  • Organize Books – Place decorative objects like jars and bowls between rows of books to keep them upright and lend focus to the bookshelves.
  • Faultless Storage – Blend your storage and the rest of your décor by using boxes and bins that blends with your living room’s color scheme.
  • A Bin For Everyone – Give each family member a designated bin for their possessions. If one of their possessions is left behind in the room, it is placed in the bin and their responsibility to place their items in the right place.
  • Conceal It – Drape a skirt over a side table and tuck your storage beneath to keep the style of your living room.

Visit our leasing center at The Landing on Mohegan Lake to book a scheduled tour to experience the excellent amenities our residents enjoy or contact us for more information on apartments for rent in Mohegan Lake.

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5 Items You Should Add to Your Apartment’s Kitchen


One of the best features in the homes of the Landing are the kitchens. Stylish and modern, they are designed so cooking and preparing food is enjoyable, smooth, and fast. To make it even better, a few apartment decorating ideas can help out. There are some items that would enhance the function of your kitchen.

First is a cutting board. This is a tool every kitchen should have. Cut and arrange food to aid with cooking.

Having different types of glasses is good for different beverages. Have them for juice, water, wine, and more.

To contain food, baggies, aluminum foil, and other wrap works well. Save meals for later with it.

A good set of knives will help you in preparing food. The better quality, the more effective they are in cutting and dicing.

In addition to knives, get a couple good spatulas. When cooking food in a pan, they are essential.

These items will help you in the kitchen and will make meals much easier to make.

For more information on the Landing, contact us online. Feel free to visit us on Facebook as well.

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Dogs and Dentistry: What To Know


Dogs are always welcome at our community, but toothaches are not! As a pet owner, spare your dogs from the agonizing pain of cavities by following these practical tips: Continue reading

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Simplify Your Life at Home With These 3 Tips


Does you home life feel as rushed and chaotic as your work life? It should not be this way! Home should be a place for you to relax, and your home life should be comfortable and peaceful. Follow these apartment living tips to help achieve that goal.

  • Get rid of your clutter. Having a lot of unnecessary items around can make it hard to find what you need. There are also studies that show that when your space is cluttered, your mind feels cluttered, too. Donate unnecessary items to charity, or give them away to friends.
  • Set up a daily routine that includes the tasks you need to do, such as wiping down counters, washing dishes and folding laundry. When this routine is over, you know that the rest of your at-home time is your own.
  • Stop procrastinating, and do things when they need to be done. For example, wash your dishes immediately after dinner so the task is not hanging over your head all evening. Adopt this habit, and you’ll find that you don’t spend as much time worrying at home.

Contact The Landing on Lake Mohegan to learn about our welcoming and comfortable apartments.

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How can I Purify the Air in My Apartment?


If you want to naturally improve the air quality in your apartment, there are a few ways you can accomplish this. When you are trying to figure out how to clean the air in your home there are some tips to take advantage of.

Here are some tips on how you can purify the air naturally in your apartment:

  • Get yourself a Himalayan Salt lamp. This is a beautiful accessory that you can add to your space that enhances your home and functions to clean the air naturally.
  • Try some bamboo charcoal to help purify the air. You can get some filters that are filled with bamboo charcoal and they will help to keep your air fresh.
  • Light some beeswax candles. These are a great alternative to paraffin candles and they leave no smoke when they burn. You will love these elegant additions to your home.
  • Choose from a variety of houseplants that are safe and good for cleaning the air in your space.

Enjoy getting cleaner air in your apartments by using these tips on how to clean the air in your home. Get in touch with us today for more apartment living tips.

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How to Keep Your Small Knick Knacks Organized


Keep your small knick knacks organized with these small item storage apartment living tips.

  • Mugs – Instead of using valuable shelf space in your cupboard, consider installing cup hooks on the underside of the shelf to hang mugs to create extra storage space.
  • Bathroom – Use bathroom baskets to organize soaps, makeup, cotton balls and other small bathroom items that would otherwise clutter shelves.
  • Jewelry Tree – Use an old jewelry tree as a key tree – it holds key rings as good as jewelry items.
  • Shoe Organizer – Place leggings, tights and stockings into the compartments for tangle-free storage and easy access.
  • Recipes – Create a recipe binder by placing loose recipes in plastic binders inside the binder.
  • Control that Junk Drawer – Organize a top drawer by using something like silicone cupcake holders for loose items and an egg carton to stash small items like staples and thumbtacks in the cup holders and longer items such as pencils on the other side.
  • Magnets – Install a magnetic knife wall mount and hand small items on magnetic hooks.

Contact us at The Landing on Lake Mohegan for information on apartments for rent in Mohegan Lake, NY.

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Maximize Your Closet Space at Your Mohegan Lake Apartment


We strive to make sure that Mohegan Lake apartment living of our residents is as safe, comfortable and convenient as possible. Knowing that many of our residents are in possession of a large wardrobe, we even provide spacious closets. However, sometimes it can be difficult to maximize your closet space if it has become a little bit cluttered. The following are a few tips to help you maximize your closet space in your The Landing on Mohegan Lake apartment.

  • Sort Everything – The first thing you should do is sort through your closet. Get rid of what you no longer use!
  • Add Shelving – If you have a tall closet that only has one shelf, then adding a couple of other shelves is a great way to make fuller use of your closet; especially if you tend to store your clothes folded instead of on hangers.
  • Entryway Hook – Put up a hook in your apartment’s entryway to hold your bulky jackets instead of letting them take up space in the closet.
  • Floor Storage – Invest in a few under shelf baskets to help add storage space to the floor.

Use these tips to maximize closet space today!

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How to Take Care of Your Stainless Steel Appliances


One of our finest apartment features at The Landing on Lake Mohegan is the gourmet kitchen with modern fixtures. Whether you’re an accomplished chef or novice, you can appreciate the sleek, stainless steel appliances and contemporary style. If you’re unsure of how to care for these features, a few tips can help you keep them gleaming and looking brand new.

Maintaining the finish on stainless steel starts with routine cleaning of the grime that can build up. Dip a sponge into a solution of mild detergent and water, wipe the surface, and dry with a cloth. For greasy fingerprints, you can use the same process. Tough prints might require the addition of an organic solvent that includes acetone or rubbing alcohol.

Hard water can deposit lime and rust on stainless steel appliances, so it’s important to remove these stains right away. Spray a mixture of one part vinegar and three parts water on the surface, and allow it to dissolve the deposits. Then, rinse with clean water and dry with a cloth.

For more information on the fantastic apartment features at The Landing, please give an agent a call. We can answer questions on available floor plans and community amenities.

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