How to Get Some Extra Storage Out of Your Bedroom


Your bedroom can fill up surprisingly fast with clothes, shoes and other items. Thankfully, there are several ways to create more storage space.

Use these apartment living tips to make extra places for storage in your bedroom:

  • Store dry cleaning clothes in a tote. Instead of throwing them on the floor, place them in a tote to take to the dry cleaners.
  • Buy a nightstand with storage. Choose a nightstand that has a drawer or two in it for storing smaller items or books.
  • Put clothes in baskets or bins. Clothes that aren’t quite ready for the hamper yet can be stored in decorative wicker baskets instead of being tossed on the floor or left on a chair.
  • Invest in a bed with storage. Buy a bed that has storage drawers underneath it. If you’re not ready for a new bed, buy flatter storage bins that slide under your bed.
  • Use cubby-style shelves. These work well for storing things like bags and shoes that don’t fit in your closet.

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