How to Understand Your Renter’s Insurance Policy Better

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Although it is not talked about as much as homeowners’ insurance, renters’ insurance can be just as important. However, before you can make a choice between purchasing it or not, you need to understand the answers to “What is renters’ insurance?”

Here is what you need to know about your renters’ insurance:

  • Renters’ insurance covers your personal possessions as well as legal liabilities incurred as a result of events that happened within your rental. For example, if you lose your furniture because of either fire or lightning or something similar, you can expect your renters’ insurance to cover at least part of the cost of replacement. Similarly, if you are being responsible for your guest’s hospital bills following a slip and fall, you can expect those to be covered as well.
  • You need renters’ insurance because your personal possessions are not covered by landlords’ insurance, which is meant for the building rather than the tenants’ personal possessions.
  • Be sure to tailor your coverage to your needs by buying riders. Carefully read through your insurance contract to make sure that you get exactly what you think you are going to get.

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Handle Issues With Roommates By Using These 5 Tips

Having a roommate is a good way to help share the burden of expenses. However, following a few simple tips will help ensure that the experience goes well for both you and your new roommate.

  • Many problems can be avoided by having clear expectations from the beginning. It’s easier to prevent problems related to the hours everyone keeps or cleaning then it is to solve them.
  • Always respect your roommate’s possessions and avoid using anything without permission. Don’t go into their closet or dresser space without permission.
  • Keep windows and doors locked when you’re out. Your roommate will appreciate your concern for their possessions.
  • Be open-minded and willing to try new things or make changes. Both of you will benefit from handling things as a partnership.
  • The old rule of treating others as you want to be treated makes things easier. It’s likely that your roommate will return the favor.

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Create a Happy Atmosphere in Your Apartment With These 5 Design Ideas

Lots of thought may be spent on how to decorate ideas for your home, from the color schemes to room functions but have you considered a happiness factor when planning out your design? There are plenty of things that you can do to help create a happy space to live in. Here are 5 to get you started!

  1. Keep your home organized. Spend a few minutes just tidying up each room in your home to keep clutter at bay and give yourself a clean space to enjoy.
  2. Incorporate photos of fun memories as well as mementos around your home to remind you of happy experiences.
  3. Invest in little accessories and appliances for your home to enhance your living experience, from a dartboard to a new TV.
  4. Take the time each morning to make your bed. If you have a few extra minutes, wash your bedding and enjoy laundry fresh sheets!
  5. While doing the house chores, multitask and call a friend or family member! Even a short, simple call is a great pick-me-up and it’s great to let someone know you were thinking about them.

Want more ideas for your home? Contact us now!

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Don’t Let Springtime Pollen Get You Down!


Spring is just about here, for many people that means an increase in allergies. This year, don’t let those pesky springtime allergies get you down. Get a few tips and tricks to help relieve your sinuses during peak allergy season.

  • Keep doors and windows shut. Do this at home and in the car. Use your AC instead. At home, make sure to change your filters regularly to keep the air clean. Try using high efficiency filters that trap pollen.
  • Change and shower. Pollen gets on our clothing and stays with us. When you get home shower and change to get the pollen off. Also, don’t dry your clothing, linens, and towels outside.
  • Make use of medications. Don’t be afraid to relieve the symptoms of allergies with medication. Start taking an antihistamine before you head out for the day. You can also try a decongestant or nasal spray. The Neti Pot is an effective way to flush out mucus and allergens.
  • Change your activity times. Pollen counts are usually highest in the mornings. Try to go outdoors in the afternoon. Avoid dry, windy days.

If you would like information on our apartments, you can contact us today.

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3 Tips to Help Get Your Kitchen Together


If you are looking for a great place to live, consider an  apartment in our community. The apartments have amazing kitchens that boast upgraded countertops and dishwashers. When you are settled in for awhile, you will eventually discover that your kitchen needs some tidying up. This is a fact of life for anyone over time. With a few good tips, you can get your kitchen organized in no time.

  • If you own cookbooks, keep them away from your refrigerator as well as the stove and other cooking areas. Give them their own shelves away from these appliances. This will protect them from spills and humidity that could ruin them.
  • Hang up all of your pot holders, dish towels, and aprons on hooks or a shelf mounted to the wall right near your stove. It will make your life much easier when you are in the middle of cooking and need to grab one of those items.
  • Group similar kitchen items together. Your baking items should be together, frying pans and so forth. This is a great organization tactic.

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Simple Cardio Workouts to Try in Our Fitness Center


You’re sure to be impressed by our units and stunning on site amenities. Our fitness center provides you with on site exercise equipment that will encourage you to burn off some calories any time of day or night.

Cardio exercises are important in any workout session. You can use the piece of equipment you prefer and work your body to the max with high intensity speed bursts, followed by an easy recovery.

Running is a great cardio exercise and you should expect to burn 300 calories if you use one of our treadmills for 30 minutes, and aim to run at an average 5.2 miles per hour. In addition, the cross trainer is fantastic for upper and lower body and you’ll burn around 330 calories in 30 minutes if you increase your heart rate.

Our fitness center has all the equipment you’ll need for this perfect cardio workout, alongside free weights to tone your body and reach your desired target.

Please contact us at today to learn about our apartments.

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3 Clues That the Closet in Your Apartment Needs to Be Organized


Closets are often one of the most overlooked areas in our home when it comes to cleaning and organizing. It may be time to open those closet doors and get to work. Here are 3 clues that you need to get in there and get organized:

  • The first sign that its time to re-organize is realizing that your closet has become a dumping ground for everything you can’t find a home for. Its time find a place for your miscellaneous items, even if its stackable crates to get them off your closet floor.
  • Maybe you simply have too much stuff for your closet space. Purging clothing and other items that you can’t or don’t use will make it easier to find the things you do.
  • If your closet consists of just a bar and shelf, its time for an upgrade. Utilize the space you have with shoe racks, double clothes bars, and hooks or brackets to add valuable storage.

Having a closet organizer doesn’t mean you are truly organized. Make sure the organizer you choose stores things the way you use them and makes accessible.

Contact us for more information on the luxury fairfax apartments for rent at The Ridge.

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How to Create an Affordable Monthly Budget


Creating a monthly budget can seem like a daunting process. Many of us put off budgeting because we are afraid to see our finances brought to light. Luckily, there are ways to make apartment living in Waltham easy with an affordable monthly budget. Here are a few ways you can create your budget.

Start by figuring out your income. Look at pay stubs, bank transactions or whatever it is that helps you see what you average in a week. Be thorough, as the number you figure out here is important in planning the rest of your budget.

List your fixed spending. Each month you have a certain amount of bills that do not change. This includes your rent, as well as fixed utilities like cable and internet, and other monthly charges to your card or bank. Make a list of all these to begin.

Deduct all of your fixed spending from your income. Then, consider any other monthly expenditures you might have. Do you buy coffee every day? Deduct it from the number. Soon, you’ll see how much money you have leftover each month.

If you would like to know more about apartment living in Waltham, contact us at The Ridge.

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How to Start Cleaning: the Three Things Rule


Cleaning an apartment is not an especially fun task. Many of us hate cleaning so much that we put it off until the entire space requires a deep clean. If you want to maintain a cleaner apartment year-round, check out these simple tips to help keep you from going off the deep end.

  • When you get home from work, make it a habit to put three things away before you officially enter your relaxation phase. Your normal daily tasks, like putting away dishes, don’t count toward the three things.
    • If putting three things away has built up your momentum and you’re now in the mood to keep cleaning, go for it. Just don’t feel pressured to clean the apartment from top to bottom every day.
    • Once you’ve mastered the putting-away-three-things rule, expand your repertoire to include tasks like, finally, paying a bill or dropping a package off at the post office.

    At The Ridge, we provide residents with a wide range of luxury amenities and fitness facilities. To learn more about our Waltham, community, get in touch with our helpful staff.

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    Soak Up the Sun with a Drink by the Pool

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    Looking for a great cocktail recipe to enjoy poolside this summer? The following is a recipe for Punch Romaine, which might come in handy for  apartment residents who are looking forward to spending some time outside in the coming months:

    Punch Romaine combines the flavors of rum, wine, lemon juice, orange juice, and champagne for a palate cleanser that hits the spot on a hot summer day. Did you know that Punch Romaine was offered to passengers on the Titanic on the fateful evening of April 14th, 1912? Share this bit of historical trivia with guests this summer as you serve this refreshing drink to friends and family who have come to your place to take advantage of the luxurious amenities offered at our apartments.

    Have more drink recipes that you’d like to share with our neighbors? We’d be happy to see some posts regarding cocktail recipe posted by residents to our community Facebook page.

    Are you interested in living at one of our  apartments? Feel free to contact us for information on living in our community.

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