These Beef Skewers Will Be a Hit at Your Summer Grill Out

Summer is the time to grill, and if you’ve been looking forward to it all year long like most people, you’re probably dying to get something over the coals. This year, try some wonderful different items, but make sure you try these excellent beef skewers as well. Keep reading to learn more about them and find the perfect way to prepare them on the grill this summer.

  • Make your horseradish sauce well ahead of time in a large batch if you’re having company over for food. You’ll be a lot less stressed out and you’ll have more than you need if you do it ahead of time. Make sure you prepare a sauce that isn’t horseradish too since not everybody loves it.
  • Get your beef skewers ready to go on the grill long before people show up. The less prep work you have to do, the better you’ll be, and the more fun you’ll have with your friends and family.
  • Cook skewers to order, but do it in groups. Cook rare, medium rare and then medium to consolidate your grilling efforts.

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Make a Simple Pet and Child-Safe Cleaner at Home

When you have little ones around your home, you always want to be as safe as possible. Some harsh chemicals can be dangerous to store around the home. However, you want to be sure everything is clean in order to maintain their health, and your own. That is when all-natural cleaners come in handy.

When it comes to all-natural cleaners the best ones are the DIY cleaners. You know what is going in to your all-purpose cleaners. This gives you the piece of mind that it is safe for not only children, but pets as well. Most are great for quick clean-ups and touch-ups to remove germs. You will still want to do a monthly deep sanitizing clean.

What you will want to do is use tea-tree essential oils. These oils are powerful antibacterial and anti-fungal agents. When using oils you want to highly dilute them. You will add just about 10 drops of oil to four cups of water, and shake it up. This will make this cleaner safe to use.

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Get Into Shape at The Pool This Summer

Swimming should be fun but it can also be great exercise. But you can do more than just doing laps. There are also many exercises which can help you tone your body

First off, as always, before any sort of exercises you should always stretch. While exercises build muscle tone, stretching loosens up the fascia which connects all that tissue. Too often that pain you feel after a work-out is not your muscles but the fascia!

For many aquatic stretches and exercises, think about getting an “Aquatic Noodle” which helps give you stability. The advantage of doing various pool exercises like these in a pool are two fold:

  • Low Impact: Many exercises (like jumping jacks or the cross-country ski simulator) are good work-outs but can be hard on your back and knees. The water helps reduces this stress.
  • Resistance: The water acts as a resistor making even “easy” exercises like the seahorse or hurdles more effective.

Plus you can do core-building exercise like The Dory easier in the water than on land.

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Tricks for Keeping Your Bedroom Organized This Year

hotel-1330847_640 (1)

Tired of coming home to a messy bedroom in your apartment? Making sure you stay organized is the key to keeping things tidy, but this can be a challenge. When it comes to cleaning an apartment with a bedroom full of clothes and other piles, there are some simple things you can do to ensure that things stay neat.

  • Put clean laundry away immediately. Fold your freshly washed clothes and put them away right after pulling them out of the dryer. Otherwise, those clothes will most likely sit in the laundry basket until it’s time to do the wash again.
  • Throw dirty clothes in the hamper. If you’re in the habit of tossing your clothes on the floor, keep a hamper handy to throw them in instead. This keeps your dirty clothes in one tidy container until they’re ready to go in the washing machine.
  • Buy some bins to store under the bed or in your closet. Put out-of-season clothes and any other items that tend to form piles on your floor in these containers.

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