Want to Make Waking Up a Priority In 2017? The Best Alarm Apps


Are you looking for an alarm clock that will actually help you get out of bed? Make waking up your 2014 priority with these three alarm clock apps.

  • Alarm Clock Xtreme: This app allows you to set the alarm volume to increase and wake you up right. Every time you hit the snooze button the snooze duration decreases. To make snoozing not as easy set the math to snooze setting, by the time you solve the problem your mind will be awake.
  • I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock: This app also has a problem solving feature to help you wake up and not continue to snooze. You can set multiple alarms and wake to your favorite tunes.
  • Sleep if you can: Really have a hard time getting out of bed? This app makes you get up and take a picture or the alarm won’t turn off. You register a picture, such as the kitchen sink or the coffee maker and set it. Then every morning the alarm requires you to take that picture.

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Tips for Mastering the Science of Easy Cooking


Cooking in an apartment is as easy as you make it. There are four items that can help you master easy cooking, which is what many of us want. If you are just very busy, these ideas will help you cook quickly and effectively.

  • The art of the rice cooker: Not only good for rice, the rice cooker can steam or poach any food item that can be cooked that way. There are also sauces you can make to spruce up your meats.
  • Mastering the microwave: The microwave is not only good for popping popcorn. It is a perfect way to cook your vegetables. Once you know the power levels you will be surprised what you can make.
  • Getting it done with the griddle: If you have a griddle you can pretty much cook anything you would on a stove-top.
  • The crock pot: With a crock pot you can toss in a meal and set the timer. It’s a prefect way to slow cook your food without being around.

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How to Pick a Color Scheme for Your Apartment


If you need some new apartment decorating ideas, why not think about changing your color scheme?  Here are a few tips to help you choose the right color scheme to spice up your apartment home.

  • Take Colors from a Rug: If you have a patterned area rug in your apartment home, choose a color from the rug and use it in accents around the room. Things like accent pillows for your couch can make the rug stand out and the room really pop. You can also add various textures to add more depth to the room.
  • Be Inspired by Art: If you have a favorite piece of artwork in your home, you can use it to create a color scheme that will make the art take center stage. It’s a great way to add personality to the room.
  • Pick Colors from a Pillow: Use the colors in your favorite pillow to create a color scheme. You can use the primary color of the pillow for accents and use one of the secondary colors as your main color to create a stunning room.

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Decorate Your Apartment without Going Over Budget


Do you have a small budget for your home decor? Don’t worry because you can use your creativity instead of money to decorate your Phoenician apartment. Here are four creative ways you can decorate your apartment without going over budget:

  • Work with what you have. You can liven up your tired furniture with a fresh coat of paint. For fun, take a risk on a cheap, pre-mixed “oops” can of paint from your local hardware store.
  • If you can’t afford large plants, start with smaller ones that you can nurture and transfer into bigger planters as they grow. In the meantime, you can make a big impact now with your smaller plants by grouping them together on a table.
  • Always be on the hunt for treasures. Search flea markets and yard sales for affordable treasures that will give your apartment a unique look.
  • Get creative and transform a cheap drop cloth into a painted rug for your room. You can either paint or stencil a cool design on it.

Our apartments feature luxurious floor plans with custom features that are waiting to be personalized with your style. If our apartments pique your interest, contact us today.

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