How To Reduce Static Without Paying for Dryer Sheets

Our community enjoys apartment amenities like a dishwashers, microwaves and washers and dryers in all units. Use these green living tips on how to naturally remove static in your laundry.

  • Hang Dry – The best way to remove static from your laundry is to hang dry all your clothes. When hung dry, clothes are not rubbing together to cause static electricity.
  • Do Not Over Dry – When you allow your dryer to dry clothes completely, chances are that static electricity will end up in your laundry. Dry your clothes until you can feel they are not wet any longer.
  • Homemade Fabric Softener – Using vinegar mixed with essential oil is a good fabric softener as well as static electricity reducer. Simply use it in the rinse cycle of your wash to see a reduction in static. If you hang dry, the vinegar smell will disappear.
  • Synthetics – Fabrics that are conducive to static include polyester and nylon. If you dry these fabrics separately, it does not get time to charge the rest of your clothes.

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How To: Make Your Balcony Feel like Part of Your Home

Our apartments at offer amenities like oversized closets, renovated interiors and balconies. Make your balcony feel part of your home with these balcony decorating tips.

  • Relaxation Room – Place a rocking chair and a sofa on your balcony together with a few hanging plants to sit and relax after work.
  • A Kids Play Space – Place a chalkboard on the balcony and some other toys for the kids to enjoy and keeping the inside of your apartment clean.
  • An Herb Garden – Your balcony is the perfect space to start your own herb garden to use in your food. Think of basil, lavender and thyme.
  • A Dining Area – Transform your balcony into a dining room with a table and dining room chairs. Decorate the table with a fresh flower centerpiece.
  • An Entertainment Area – If your space inside is too small for all your guests, those that enjoy the outdoors can gather on the balcony to mingle.
  • Plants – Transform your balcony into a garden with potted plants and flowers that smells great and looks aesthetically appealing.

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How to Keep the Bedroom Clean


Keeping your bedroom clean is a good way to make sure you get a good nights sleep. Being organized especially in the bedroom adds to your comfort levels. So when apartment cleaning, start with your bedroom.

So if your wanting to keep your bedroom clean for 2014 there are a few things you can do:

  • Make sure you change the sheets on your bed. There is just something about fresh sheets that makes you want the rest of your bedroom clean.
  • Make a list of all the things you have in your bedroom and find a place for each item. Once everything has a place, they will no longer clutter your dresser.
  • Clean the surfaces in your room daily. It will keep dust at bay and will help make things look cleaner.
  • De-clutter by making an inventory of what you have and deciding if you absolutely need each item. Donate or throw away items you don’t absolutely love.
  • Be sure to pick up after your pets.

There are many thing you can do when apartment cleaning, so when wanting a cleaner 2017, start with your bedroom. When wanting a great apartment, you can contact us at The Thornberry Apartments.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog or Cat In an Apartment


You want companionship in your apartment, so you get a pet. How do you assure your pet is happy, and at the same time keep your living space clean? You can have your pets and enjoy your pet friendly apartments with a few simple tips.

Here are a few ideas for keeping your dog or cat in your apartment.

  • If you have a cat, be sure to clean the litter regularly.
  • Vacuum and sweep frequently to avoid a build up of pet fur.
  • Your dogs need exercise, so be sure to take them out daily for some outdoor fun.
  • Take your pet outside on the balcony and brush them everyday. Doing this outside prevents the extra pet dander from scattering around your home.
  • Make sure your pets have plenty of toys so that they don’t use your furniture as a toy.

Enjoy living in your pet friendly apartments. Take advantage of these few tips to help you keep your pet and yourself living happily together. For more tips on keeping pets, you can contact us today.

Three Things You Don’t Really Need at Home


Whether you’re just moving in, or you’re cleaning the home you’ve lived in for years, looking through the items you’ve accumulated is a perfect time to discard the stuff you don’t need. Getting rid of clutter opens up space. We found a few things that you can do without.

Cleaning Products: You can find a special cleaning product for every single object that’s in your home. However, did you know those products are mostly unnecessary? From the kitchen to your apartment living room to the bathroom, vinegar and lemon are all you need to keep your place clean.

Dinnerware: Drop the dinnerware and place settings for a dozen people and you’ll open up a ton of cabinet space. If you don’t expect to be entertaining a dozen guests anytime soon, you don’t need to keep a dozen place settings.

Utensils: You don’t need dozens of silverware pieces and utensils. What do you really need for the kitchen? A chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a serrated knife will cover your cutting needs. A spatula, a ladle, and a big serving spoon are the essentials of serving ware.

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How to Choose the Right Accent Rug for Your Apartment


Our apartments are beautifully constructed, but we understand the need for putting your own finishing touches on it when you move in or redecorate. A perfect way to make sure your personal touch is seen in your apartment is to add an accent rug.

When you’re choosing the right rug for your apartment, there are three things to take into consideration:

  1. The color. Do you want a bold statement? Choose a rug with a strong, primary color. For something understated, pastels will do. Choose a solid color or any kind of pattern you like, but make sure the base color makes the statement you want.
  2. The size. You don’t want the accent rug to swallow the room whole. Choose a good size that doesn’t overpower the area —you want an accent, rather than a singular focal point for the room.
  3. Practicality. Kids and pets? Make sure your rug cleans easily.

The Area Rugs Club has even more tips for choosing the right accent rug for your room. Enjoy your selections and make your place stand out!

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5 Design Ideas That Every Apartment Dweller Should Keep in Mind


Just because your renting your home doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own. Here are five design ideas that every apartment dweller should keep in mind when decorating your home.

  • You Don’t Have to Paint: Just because you can’t paint your walls doesn’t mean you are out of options. Oversized art is a great way to cover up a plain beige wall.
  • You Can Add Color With Furniture: Instead of painting the walls, try adding a splash of color with furniture. A brightly colored couch can be the focal point for a living room.
  • Use Plants to Hide Things: If there’s an element in your apartment that you don’t like, use a cleverly placed plant to hide it.
  • You Don’t Have to Hate Your Floor: If your kitchen or bathroom floor is hateful, it doesn’t have to be the bane of your existence. A large area rug can easily cover up that eye sore.
  • Make Use of Window Treatments: You can add color and style to your home with the perfect window treatments.

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